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Queen Victoria

By: Meredith Hughes and Kaitlyn Ketring

Kaitlyn Ketring

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Queen Victoria

The Longest Reigning Queen
Queen Victoria
Her Life
Ascension to Throne
Alexandrina Victoria of Hanover:
Born: May 24, 1819
Only child
Fifth in line for the throne at birth
Her father died when she was 8 months old
Her Grandfather (King George III) died six days after her father
Third in line for the throne
George IV moved Victoria and her mother to a small apartment in Kensington Palace when he became king
Queen at age 18
Crowned after her uncle William IV died
Official on Coronation June 28, 1838
Lord Melbourne political mentor
Whig Prime Minister
The people loved and admired her
They saw her as the more understanding than her uncles and grandfather
Public opinion changed drastically after:
Ladies-in-Waiting Scandal
Lady Flora Affair
Saw the beginning of assassination attempts
7 in total
It took her marriage to redeem public opinion
First cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a province in Germany
She proposed to him
Had four sons, five daughters
Forty-two grandchildren
"Grandmother of Europe"
Wanted him to be named King Consort
He was given no rank or title
He was not publicly accepted
Prince Consort after 17 years of marriage
They shared the government responsibilities equally
She did not make a decision without consulting him
They truly loved each other
Death of Prince Albert
December 14, 1861 of sudden illness
Went into deep mourning
She wore black for the rest of her reign
She withdrew from the public until the late 1860s
Only performed duties of necessity
Refused to open Parliament until 1866/1867
This gained her public disapproval
Public opinions were restored by her Golden Jubilee in 1887 and her Diamond Jubilee in 1897
Victorian Society
Industrial Revolution
Time of extremely rapid change
Sense of pride in advancement yet loss of tradition
England first industrial country
1837 London: 2 million
1901 London: 6 million
"The rapid growth of London is one of the many indications of the most important development of the age: the shift from a way of life based on the ownership of land to a modern urban economy based on trade and manufacturing,” (NA, pg. 1017).
Colonies huge asset to economy
Example: India- The Crown Jewel
By 1890 empire stretched to cover more than 1/4 of the whole Earth
"White Man's Burden" (Rudyard Kipling)
"to protect the poor natives and advance civilization" (Queen Victoria, NA, pg. 1025)
Married Women's Property Acts (1870-1908)
Custody Act of 1839
Divorce and Matrimonial Acts of 1857
Increased educational opportunities
Queen Victoria as strong role model
Reading materials production increase
Birth of the novel
Children's stories
Periodicals; serials
Bronte sisters
Charles Dickens
Oscar Wilde
Her Reign
New moral code
Led by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
Revival of religious piety
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Life at Kensington
They were given a small allowance
George IV resented Victoria
Prince Leopold of Belgium financed her education
She had a rocky relationship with her domineering mother
Due in part to Sir John Conroy's influence on the duchess
June 20, 1837- January 22, 1901
63 years, 7 months, 2 days
Albert helped her navigate being a Constitutional Monarch
Reform Act of 1832
She encouraged Albert's interest in art, science, & industry
He organized the Great Exhibition of 1851
Political Parties changed during her reign
Shift from Tories and Whigs to Conservatives and Liberals
Her reign was almost free of war
Due in part to the fact that she was related to most of the Royal Houses of Europe by blood or marriage
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