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How does the anount of fertilizer affect the # of duckweed fronds grown?

over 6 weeks may and cody took a series of data collections on how many fronds grew in 30%, 20%, and 10% fertilizer to water.

maybelle g

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of How does the anount of fertilizer affect the # of duckweed fronds grown?

How does the amount of
fertilizer affect the number of fronds grown? 30%
we found that the more fertilizer that was in the mix, more fronds died quicker. 20%
This mix started out with the most fronds and had a fast decline in numbers until the 2-3 weeks. Then it held a pretty steady pace downward. 10%
This mix was the most successful. This mix ended up with the most fronds, 5. We predict that the more
fertilizer is added, the more
fronds the duckweed will
grow. Days # of fronds Days 30% 20% 10% 37 9 0 0 0 0 Oct. 1 Oct. 8 Oct. 11 Oct. 12 Oct. 15 Oct. 19 54 20 9 8 7 3 38 19 11 11 9 5 In conclusion, the duckweed did not grow with more fertilizer. It actually died off faster. We thought that the duckweed would grow and produce more fronds. Plants make their own food. When you add more food to what the plant already has, the plant cant take that much food and it dies. The statement " A little goes a long way", is true in this case. We think that one way to improve this experiment is to have the same amount of duckweed fronds to start with. It would give us a more reliable place to start. Also, if we didn't mix the tools from different experiments then we would have more exact results. We think that residue from other experiments got into the fertilizer water and that might have messed up the experiment. How does the amount
of fertilizer affect the
number of fronds? Thanks for your time! Key 30% 20% 10% Setup IV Groups DV 30% fertilizer
20% fertilizer
10% fertilizer # of fronds grown constants amount of water
amount of fertilizer
amount of sun Procedure 1) Gathered all 3 cups of duckweed
2) count all living duckweed fronds
3) record the data from all 3 cups
4) return cups to cart Control 30% Fertilizer Hypothesis If we use 30% formula,
Then the duckweed will grow faster,
because fertilizer helps plant and gives
them an extra booster.
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