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No description

angel guerra

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Photagraphy

Photography By. Angel Guerra Photographers Photographers pose their subjects, and carefully arrange lighting
Often working their own studios or travel
Takes pictures of people, products,and scenery
Arrange background,lighting, people or objects as desired Some photographers prefer film while others use digital
They choose either film, lenses, filters and attachments.
They have to focus the camera,adjust settings lighting, subject matters, distance, film, and shutter speed Photographers Outlook: Photography Photographers Communicate: Listen to others, understand,and ask questions
Express ideas clearly when speaking or writing
Read and understand work-related materials
Make a high level of social contact
Communicate on a daily basis by telephone
Speak respectfully with others through face-to-face discussions Reason and problem solve: Photographers Develop rules or follow guidelines when arranging items
Think of new and original ideas and solutions
Understand new information or materials by studying and working
Help others make decisions or think of new ideas
Combine several pieces of information and draw conclusions
Use reasoning to discover answers to problems Information: Task List: Photographers Photographers General work activities: Think creatively
Identify objects,actions,and events
Inspect equipment, structures, or materials.
Make decisions and solve problems
use computers
Work with public Helpful high school courses: Photographers Art
Art history
Drawing and painting
Film and videotape
Photography If you want to run our own business consider taking these courses: Accounting
Introduction to business Take pictures of individuals, families, and small groups, either in studio or on location
Compose background and lighting to create the desire position
Shoot photos with traditional or digital cameras.
Develop film and print photos
Review photos to select the best work
Select and set up camera equipment to frame the subject
Test equipment before use to make sure its working properly Photographers Skills and abilities: Communicate
Reason and Problem solve
Use math
Manage oneself,people,time,and things
Work with people
Perceive and Visualize Photography Wages: Vary by employer
News photographers earn more than photographers who work in portrait studios
Benefits vary by employer
Paid vacation, sick leave, and health insurance
Northwest Minnesota wage hourly,$13.02 yearly,27,080 (median) 63% of photographers are self-employed
The outlook varies by employer
Portrait photographers are in high demand as population grows
Use of internet will allow freelance photographers the ability to market directly
Magazines, journals, and newspapers require commercial photographers to provide digital images Preparation: Photography Have a high school diploma or GED
Complete long-term on-the-job training
You can experience through summer or part-time jobs at photography studios
Look at internships while you are in school
You may start as a apprentice or assistant photographer
Depending on employer and your skills, training may last from a year or to few years I want this career because: Photography Gives the opportunity to meet people
To take pictures and create something unique
To do something different everyday
Have the ability to use creativity and new ideas
I love taking pictures
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