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Feasibility Analysis

No description

Tram Nguyen

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Feasibility Analysis

Unlimited Team
Nguyen Hoa Tram
Vo Nhat Hoang
Pham Thi Ngoc Anh
Nguyen Cong Hien Table of Content Description of business
Product/service description
Current Industry
Market Potential
Competitors (direct/benefit)
Target Market
Penetrating the market
Description of business Product/service description Providing a fresh meal for students and workers
Providing a fresh food that has subject to preliminary treatment
Selling by order and delivery to consumer Entrepreneurship Likely to take risk
Passion for work
Catching the demand by making a market research
Encourage employees do best
Focus on the task-related behaviour to reach the goals

Current Industry Market Potentiality Competitors
Reference ‘Com cong nhan ngay cang dam bac’ 2010, thoibaoviet, 14 March, viewed 22 April 2010, http://thoibaoviet.com/tintuc.btvl.39966.tbv>
‘Nha o cho cong nha’ 2010, Nhan Dan, 20 Jan, viewed 22 April 2010, <http://www.nhandan.com.vn/tinbai/?article=166325&sub=127&top=39>
‘Luong toi thieu chung tang’ 2009, vnExpress, 6 April, viewed 22 April 2010, <http://vnexpress.net/GL/Xahoi/2009/04/3BA0DAFD/ >
Target Market Geographic: Ho Chi Minh City
+ workers work in factories, companies and industrials at Ho Chi Minh City
+ Students
+ people who busy
+ Income: low to high income.
+ Social class: Focus from Low to high class.
+ Lifestyle: people working in factories and companies in HCM and want to eat fresh, clean and cheap foods
+ people busy
+ students who has a limited income.
Market target : differentiation product Thanks for listening
Do you have any questions? Market Penetration -Reach target consumers
+ Workers: Advertising about company to companies, factories and industries in HCM by provide all information and introduction to workers
+ students: introduction and provide price and information for students at some dorms and some universities
+ Business person: (busy person) introduce and give information in some offices and give them information.
-Forms of distribution or sealing:
Consumers will order by phony and we will delivery in the time as soon as possible.
-How to make potential customers become awareness of our company
Make the customer’s trust by provide good quality products and good customer services.
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