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No description

Julie Tran

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Pneumonia

Shivam Kaushal
Julie Tran

Description of the Condition
- lung infection caused by
- alveolar inflammation
- fluid and pus fills the
- less space to breathe

("Pneumonia," n.d.)
- cough
- fever
- fast breathing and short
- shaking and chills
- chest pain
- fast heart beat
- exhaustion/weakness
- nausea
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
Double Pneumonia
Single Pneumonia
Lobar Pneumonia
both lungs are affected
one lung is affected
only certain lobes of the lungs are affected
3 Types of Pneumonia
How severe pneumonia is and
its longevity depends on...

Age and Health
Bacterial or Viral Pneumonia?
Immune System
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
- viruses e.g. the flu
- bacteria
- fungus
- parasites (in rare cases)
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
How You Get Pneumonia
You may get pneumonia...
- by breathing infected air particles into your lungs
- by breathing certain bacteria from your throat and nose
into your lungs
- during or after a viral upper respiratory infection (e.g. cold
or influenza (flu)).
- as a complication of viral illnesses (e.g. measles or
- if you breathe large amounts of food, gastric juices from the
stomach, or vomit into the lungs (aspiration pneumonia)

("Pneumonia," n.d.)
Bacterial Pneumonia
Viral Pneumonia
Fungal Pneumonia
- antibiotics
- do not have to go to the hospital unless...
- its for testing
- you’re a senior
- have other problems
- not getting better

- antibiotics DO NOT work
- treat each individual symptom
- some over-the-counter medicines that reduce fever,
headaches, suppress cough

- antifungal medicine
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
* Physical Exam
- stethoscope
If you have pneumonia...
- lungs may make crackling, bubbling and rumbling sounds
- you may be wheezing
- may be hard to hear sounds of breathing in some areas of your

("Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment," n.d.)
* Chest X-Ray
- if your doctor suspects pneumonia
("Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment," n.d.)
Some patients may need other testing, including...
* CBC Blood Test
* CT (or CAT) Scan
* Sputum Tests
* Pleural Fluid Culture
* Pulse Oximetry
* Bronchoscopy
Antibiotic Resistance
- Bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics
- Harder for antibiotics to work over time
- If the patient got the disease again, the antibiotics wouldn’t work
as well
("Pneumonia," n.d.)
- easy to use/consume
- more affordable than many other treatments
("Some Pros and Cons of Antibiotics," n.d.)
CT Scan
- quick and accurate
- eliminates the need of having invasive surgery
("CT scan - Risks," 2013)
* CT Scan
- if you don't have any symptoms then it just adds
more anxiety
- x-rays may harm the unborn child of a pregnant
- children could be at risk of build-up of radiation
("CT scan - Risks," 2013)

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