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The Canterbury Tales

No description

TyTiana Elliott

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer
Oxford Cleric
Still a student, one who has taken logic long ago.
Oxford Cleric preferred having twenty books in red. Whatever money that he took from his friends, he spent it on learning or another book.
Oxford Cleric only care was study, and indeed. He never spoke a word more than it was needed.
He was respectful to the extreme.
He was short, to the point and lofty in his theme.
He had a tone of moral virtue.
He would gladly learn and gladly teach.
He did not found a preferment in the church.
He was obedient and ready to his hand.
Oxford Clerk was "beloved and feared, through favour of Fortune".
Oxford Clerk lived well.
Most likely he would put all matters to the side.
He refused to take on a wife.
Oxford Clerk was a handsome fellow, strong and young.
He was full of honor and of courtesy.
Created By: TyTiana D. Elliot
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