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No description

Stacy Stibal

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Plot

Plot Definition The events that happend
in a story Begining Defenition of plot Plot The events that happend in a story Beginning A day of sumer Dan and Arthur have plans.
Suddenly the weather went bad, the wind was bloing
hard and Arthur and Dan were going back home. hello Building actions It get's windy and Dan
and Arthur go back home.
They start watching TV suddenly
TV goes CD CD CD (Civil Defence).
Mom tells Dan that if the sirens go on they had to go into the basement
and she went looking if Mrs. Smiley.
Building Action 2 The sirens went on so
Dan took his little brother Ryan
to the basement. Then, the tornado
started. After the tornado, Arthur threw
up. They tried to get out of the house by
climbing out the window. Building Action 3
Then after they get out, they can
not recognize their neighborhood.
They start walking around and they
meet up with a man and a boy with a
flashlight. They went looking for Dan's
mom and found her car, but she wasn't in it.
Finally, they meet Mom, who was at Mrs. Smiley's
house. Mrs. Smiley is trapped in her basement, so
the kids go to rescue her. Building Action 4
Dan's mom doesn't want the kids
to go to rescue Smiley, but they ask
please and she says O.K. but don't go
anywhere else. Smiley's house is damaged,
but nothing like Dan's house. They go inside
the basement and the stairs were destroyed. Arthur
had an idea to slide down on a table. Dan goes first
and Arthur goes second, but the table collapses. They were
looking for Mrs. Smiley in her cluttered basement, but
they don't see her. They think maybe she is dead. But then
they hear a sound. They see her on the couch and she is
snoring. She slept through the tornado! Building Action 5
They try to get Smiley out, but she can't
climb and do a pullup. Arthur had an idea to
put a bedspring under the window. Stacey pulled
Mrs. Smiley while the boys pushed her. Mrs. Smiley is
shocked at how bad the damage is. They get Mrs. Smiley
on a bus to K-Mart and a boy gave up his seat to her. There
were no more buses for the kids, so they had to get a ride with
Officer Kelly. Building Action 6
They were with Officer Kelly
and they could not get to K-Mart
so Officer Kelly decided that they
were going to the Head Quarters the tornado
hit them Kelly got blind so Dan was driving
wen they got to the jail tehy slept.
Building Action 7
In the morning, the first thing that
Dan wants to do is go look for his mom and Ryan. He wants to go to the K-Mart to find them. He asks Mrs. Minetti to take him there. They can't cross South Locust St. because it was destroyed by the tornadoes. He decides to run to the K-Mart. He gets there and finds out that the K-Mart is only for police and military and that all civilians have gone many different places, like hospitals, schools, and the armory.
Dan was running to his house after seeing that there was no one at K-Mart. He was thinking about his dad and he was walking. His dad appeared driving with his mom and Ryan in a truck. All the houses are destroyed. There are 9 people in Arthur's family and no one has a home. Resolution
After the tornado passed, his dad says that they might have to go live on the farm and they are going to divide Arthur's family. Resolution 2
After one year, they were about to celebrate one year after the tornado, but Mrs. Smiley did not make it because she died in March of a heart attack. Dan thinks she had to die because such a big heart could not exist in such and insignificant body. Plot of Night of the Twisters
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