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Marvel's Iron Man

No description

Sara Cavasotto

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Marvel's Iron Man

Tony shows the US Military his Transistorized magnets
Tony triggers a landmine while on a mission through the jungle.
By: Sara Cavasotto, Sarah McGrath and Natalie Potter
Q: Name 2 girls Tony had romantic relations with.

Anthony "Tony" Stark
Stark Industries Inventions:
SHEILD Helicarrier
Hawkeye’s Arrow
Captain’s Replacement Shield
The Quinjet
Born to Howard and Maria Stark
Genetically engineered in womb with KREE technology to enhance his brain
Genius level IQ
At age 7, father sent Tony to boarding school
Tony worked with father, but was more interested in being a playboy
Age 15, enrolled in MIT
Parents killed in car accident
Tony becomes head of Stark Industries
Virginia "Pepper"
Worked at Stark Industries when run by Howard
Trusted ‘assistant’ to Tony after he assumed lead role in Stark Industries
Helps run Stark Industries, did a great deal of the work for the company.
After a deadly bomb, Tony puts Repulser Technology into Pepper to keep her alive
Marries Happy Hogan after realizing Tony will never see her that way.
Iron Man Suit Powers
Jet Boots
Chest Plate
Encrypted Safety Seal
Audio Processing Unit
Communications Antenna Array
The Gray Armor
Original suit created out of scraps
Used to escape Wong-Chu's camp
Had powerfull magnets that later bacame the basis for the Repulsers
Retired from Boxing to Work at Stark Industries
Chauffeur, Bodyguard and Assistant to Tony
Unseccesful at first, but Harold soon convinced Pepper to marry him
Harold is very loyal to Tony willing to take a bullet for him
Due to his life/death job Harold is put in to a coma with no hope of recovery
Harold ‘Happy’ Hogan
James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes
James looking to make a name for himself joined the US marines
His first tour of duty was overseas
James was shot and his helicopter brokedowm
Tony cam across James while wearing his first suit of armor to escape Wong Chu
Tony worked with James securing both of their safety and fixing the helicopter
Right beside Pepper and Harold, James is another person Tony trusts greatly
James has briefly taking over role as Iron Man renaming his suit ‘War Machine’
Early on Bethany married Alex van Tilsburg
Van Tilsburg became addicted pill which caused a rift in their marriage
Bethany left Van Tilsburg, and a while after he died in a car accident
Bethany felt guilty and vowed to never depend on a man again
Bethany now works as a Bodygaurd for Stark industries
Bethany is one of the few people Tony has let wear his suit

Bethany Cabe
Through out the Iron Man comics Tony Stark has a reputation for romancing beautiful Women.
Pepper Potts
Bethany Cabe
Maya Hansen
And others...
The Gold Armor
Unternishable gold paint
better his appearance in public
added wheels, heat ray and force field
The Iconic Armor
slimmer and slleker compared to original
improved suits powers
added many new gadjets such as a built-in generator, chemical spray and a diamond tipped blade
Recovery Armor
While James Rhodes temporily took over Iron Man role
Tony found himself still tinkering and the result was this suit
Thorbuster Armor
Magical armor powered by same enchantment as Thor's Hammer
Using Thor's magic plus his own strength, Iron Man posed a good threat to Thor
Hulkbuster Mark I
Impact resistant carbon-composite
magno-hydraulic pseudo-musculature rated 175 tons
was tough enough to handle any battle with the Hulk
Hypervelocity Armor
Contained serperior firepower
large amount of computing space
near-supersonic speeds of underwater travel
and many other features
A: Pepper Potts, Bethany Cabe, Maya Hansen, She-Hulk...
Published on March 10th 1963
Plot by: Stan Lee
Script by: Larry Lieber
Art by: Don Heck
Tony is taken by Wong-Chu as a slave to work for his Communist Rebellion.
Iron Man 1
Released in 2008, Iron Man was originally in production by Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and New Line Cinema before Marvel bought back the rights in 2006
The plot is based on the comic Tales of Suspense #39, his origin story
It was very well received, and included actors such as Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow
Shrapnel has been lodged in Starks chest and he has been given days to live.
Dr. Yinsen helps Tony
Instead he builds a mechanism that will help the shrapnel from moving towards his heart
Stark promises Wong-Chu that he will build the weapons he needs
Yinsen was imprisoned while going to college for his anti-communist beliefs.
With the knowledge of the transistor magnets, the both of them invented an iron body suit.
When Yinsen and Tony are almost done the configurations to the suit, Wong-Chu comes to look at the progression of their work.
When Yinsen and Tony are almost done the configurations to the suit, Wong-Chu comes to look at the progression of their work.
Yinsen saves Tony some time by sacrificing his own life. He was shot dead by Wong-Chu.
Tony has become IRON MAN and swears he will avenge Yinsens death.
He evades the detection of Wong-Chu by using suction cups to hold him to the ceiling.
Once Wong-Chu left the room Iron Man walks outside in his iron suit and challenges Wong-Chu to fight.
Wong-Chu demands his guards shoot at Iron Man but the bullets bounce off his metal chest.
Iron Man magnetic inverter turns bullets around to face the shooter .
Wong-Chu tries to run away but Iron Man shoots a stream of oil towards an ammo depot.
Iron Man sets fire to the stream and Wong-Chu is incinerated .
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