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Leading Team_Case 9

Tran Ngoc Thao Linh_s3245823 Tran Hoang Nam_s3233210 Le Thanh Sang_s3245901

Linh Tran

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Leading Team_Case 9

effectiveness Innovation / adaptation
Employee satisfaction
Corning Incorporated: a technology company manufacturing and supplying optical fiber, photonic components, networking devices….
Corning has used technology as a differentiation strategy to compete with other competitors.
Corning’s bureaucratic red tape and a rigid, hierarchical organizational structure has worked counter to their differentiation strategy. Corning Company Norman Garrity Corning technologies 's former president.
introduce the concept of self managed teams to the company.
Blacksburg plant of Corning, where 150 people were hired with good problem solving abilities and were divided into 14 people SMTs
=> retool a line to produce a different type of filter six times faster than employees in a traditional filter plant.
=>the employees liked the additional responsibilities and accountability of SMT Jaime Houghton emphasis on empowerment, involvement and teamwork.
=> the employees are more involved in the decision making
=>have a sense of responsibility and accountability for the job. CASE 8
SELF MANAGE TEAM (SMT) AT DOW CORNING INC Virtual team Self-Directed team Cross-functional team Functional team Marketing team
Online selling team Airline flight crew Thai Football Club
OB team
RMIT's Statistics faculity
English practice team in Skype
Online class
Global Team SIFE - an international organization with 30,000 students in 40 countries Starlight Bridge Project Team
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