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The West Region

We are researching West. Check out what we found!!!

Sebastian Schoenfuss

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of The West Region

How does weathering affect landforms in my Region?
How does the climate affect landforms in my Region?
What are the natural resources I will find in my region?
Timber, Oil, and gold in California!!!

Human Environmental Interaction
What are people doing in my region that are having positive effect on the environment?

Human Environmental Interaction
What are people in my region that are having a negative effect on the environment?
What is my responsibility as a citizen of the U.S. to help solve the environmental issues and concerns in my region?
What career opportunities are availanle that focus on solving environmental issues in this region?
Scructral Geologists: Studies the structures of a place.
Landforms:Fact of the Earth
for watching!
The West Region
By: Cheyenne, Makaylee, Mason, Sebastian, and Siobhann
1. Some people in California are picking up trash from the ocean.
2. Type sentince here
Water affects plains by eroding the land.
In California the plants are drying up!
1. Wild fires are burning our forests it is bad because we are losing air because trees give us air to breath.
2. air polution, we are losing good breathing air.
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