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Academic Vocabulary

Overview of six-step process for teaching academic vocabulary as outlined by Marzano and Pickering

Kathy Walker

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of Academic Vocabulary

Step 1: Provide a description, explanation or example of the new term. Step 2: Ask students to restate the description, explanation or example in their own words. Step 3: Ask students to construct a picture, symbol, or graphic representing the term. Step 4: Engage students periodically in activities that help them add to their knowledge of the terms in their notebooks. Step 5: Periodically ask students to discuss the terms with one another. Step 6: Involve students periodically in games that allow them to play with terms. Tell a Story
Create a Prezi
Use Current Events
Word Origins [Etymologies]
Morphemic Analysis Digital Flashcards [quizlet.com]
Frayer Model
Journal Entries on Vocabulary

Clear up any misconceptions
Model, Model, Model
Create Comic Books
Draw an Example of the Term
Find a picture [like the visual of firewire below] Identify synonyms and antonyms
List related words
Translate the term into another language
Write incomplete analogies for students to complete
Sort or Classify words Think-Pair-Share
Describe their pictures to one another
Identify areas of disagreement or confusion and seek clarification
Explain to each other their "aha's" Bingo
$25,000 Pyramid Six-Steps To Teaching Academic Vocabulary References:

Building Academic Vocabulary
Marzano, Robert and Pickering, Debra

Teaching Reading in Social Studies, Science and Math
Robb, Laura

Content Area Literacy
Readence, J., Bean, T.W., and Baldwin, R.S.

Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works
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