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liz night wiz

a nice prezentation about life

Nadia Kunkov

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of liz night wiz

At night, the star's glow, showing of their daimond's.
The moon is a pearl that's been polished by comet's.
The sky is a blue sheet of paper, covering the planet.
The slight breeze of the wind send's a chill down your back, but you keep firm, you just want to enjoy the moonlit starlight.
It's getting late and you can make out a wolf's howl far off in the distance.
At night the mist you cant see curl's up into a ball, and fall's asleep.
The slight noise of breathing, surround's your ear's for everyone's asleep, but you, because your hugged tight by the moonlight.
The moonlight is like your on stage light: and all depend's on your only solo.
You walk off to bed and fall cozily to sleep and your breathing blend's in with all the other's. The Universe...
The universe is black ink that has spilled, and has many beautiful balls of their own ink. A sunset is not just a sight,but a bye bye until tomorrow... Blue hills aren't just a nice color, it's a setting. Winter trees aren't just trees, there growing lives. Where the blue hills divided...
The hills turn blue in the mist, at the top hills wrist.
Silence in the air, secrets everywhere. Oh, I'll hold you tight tonight. To be warm, as the hills divied... as the hills divied, divied, divied... It starts to drizzel the rain is cold, the dark hills divied, so to you I hold. You whisper to me all will be all right, so I hold you tight, oh I'll hold you tight tonight!! The hills are seprating now their's now way out I hold close as I start to pout. We huddle close, not to show our fright and I whisper to you oohh, hold me tight tonight hold me close 'till there's light hold me right and don't show your fright! We huddle close together the hills stop, and from the rain is the last plop.
You held me tight, without fright, now that daylight is here were all right! Show Off... (song)
Show off show off, in the middle of the dancefloor dancing like crazy, yeah baby. Show off I see it in your eyes, and for you, the music never dies. Yeah, showin off your skills, thinking you'll get lot's of bills. Yeah I know what your doing and it's not right, so i'll break it down, it'll be a fight yeah right! I come along, yeah and for you it's still a song, boy your doin wrong.
Yeah, Show off I see it in your eyes show off show off, the music never dies. Yeah. Who's that is it me in the mirror, that's sincer. SHOW OFF IF I HAD 100 DRESSES THEY WOULD BE LIKE THIS:
If I had 100 dresses they would be all lined up in my closet of wonders. One would be lime green with no sleeves and on the bottom would be 3 pale light blue ribbons. One would be a bright light blue color, it would have short sleeves and a pink rose painted on the side. Another would be pink thin shirt sleeves and pink sparkles all over. One would be white, short sleeves and ribbons at the bottom (a wedding dress). A WEDDING DRESS A beatiful wedding dress that would stand out beatifully A dress such a dress a ... OLD MAN JOE (a poem)
Old Man Joe had a radio that talked and talked and talked, it was so chatty that it almost almost walked. Old Man Joe was seventy-two he was happy with his age, when he was young, a fine man too he was a royal page. He has gray hair that looks like a bear and also slick with gell, and a bottle off shampoo that was sticky like goo he will never ever sell. He has a cane to lean on, he never lets it go, and with that cane he walked through the snow. But no silly old man he is and not a hobo, but he is my uncle that great Uncle Joe. OLD MAN/UNCLE JOE!!! * * * * * * The Universe...
The universe is filled with stars, pearls that are polished into the black paper that is actually is the universe, but there is no way of describing it. The moon is white paint simply splatted with a paint brush covered in gray dots. The earth are two crumpled balls of colored paper filled with minds. The rest of the planets are spinning balls that are colorful. The universe are lots of things: so let me go discover them... the universe is a big mystery A MYSTERY (song)
Hold me tight got the chills, don't know wether someones disturbing me, hurting me. The FBI is strong security, bet it will protect me from this mystery, trajdy. Yeah baby hold me tight tonight, let them fight, they go the right. ooooh. No bomb threat now we're whaiting for the results, baby its no ones fualt.
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