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CFMS Final

No description

Rehan Allahwala

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of CFMS Final

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CFMS – V 0.9
Call Forwarding Management SystemFor YourCompany.Com

Example: Virtual Phone Line.Com

Sample Web Sites

Summary of the Product:
Call forwarding product will enable YourCompany.Com to offer DID Numbers seamlessly from any wholesale DID vendors, and map them on a *PSTN Number on per min or per monthly plan bases.
The service is totally transparent to the customer from whom the customer is buying the service, however an option to add powered by super technologies may be available if the customer wishes.
*as well as SIP address and many instant messengers
How does it work:
YourCompany.Com will be provided a custom web site to receive orders, manage orders, collect payment, do monthly billing, give customer a web site to login and manage your tickets.SuperTec hosts and powers and manages the entire network and service and software for YourCompany.Com
Optional Modules:
Call Forwarding to PSTN
Call Forwarding to SIP
Call Forwarding to IAX2
Call Forwarding to MSN Messenger
Call Forwarding to Google Talk
Call Forwarding to FWD and more
Advantages of Using CFMS
No capital expenditure.
Small PER DID number sold license/hosting fee.
No hardware to buy and maintain.
No infrastructure requirement.
Supertec* maintained highly redundant network.
Rapidly maintained Scalable network.
New features added at no extra charge. Revenue Streams for YourCompany.Com

Monthly subscription
Outgoing calling  - Off Net – Outside the network
Outgoing calling – International
Hardware Requirement:
All the hardware is provided at no extra cost, hosted and managed by Super Technologies, Inc.  to YourCompany.Com
Bandwidth Requirement:
All bandwidth and hosting is provided by Super Technologies Inc at no extra cost to YourCompany.Com
DID Prices:
YourCompany.Com DID prices available via DIDX or YourCompany.Com can buy directly from a third party, and use DIDX management system for managing DID’s.
Termination Rates:
YourCompany.Com will use a third party termination service
Routes will be routed via carrierx.us billing management software
Billing Package:
YourCompany.Com enables you to create as many billing package choices as you want, and use them to sell on portal or directly via call center to YourCompany.Com customers.
Payment Systems Integration:
Integration with PAYPAL, Google Checkout, Authorize.net Linkpointcentral.com and 2checkout.com is already built in at no extra cost to you to use for payment collection.
Any other special integration can also be done with a charge.
Payment Systems Integration:
Integration with PAYPAL, Google Checkout, Authorize.net Linkpointcentral.com and 2checkout.com is already built in at no extra cost to you to use for payment collection.
Any other special integration can also be done with a charge.
Selling Prices:
YourCompany.Com has the power to control its consumer and reseller pricing of:
DID Sold
Monthly Recurring
Out going per min charges
Per Month Plans
Customer Service:
Customer service is available into 4 tiersTier 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Tier 1 and 2 will be taken care of by YourCompany.Com and 3 and 4 which include call-related, trouble shooting and bugs related to the system, are taken care of by Super Technologies, Inc.
Implementation Time:
In 3 days, a demo site is given.
1-6 weeks complete delivery is given depending upon your choice of web integration.
We give you 1 hour a day customer service guy also inluded in the package.
This person will do your support, sales, and training for 3 months after the sale of the service. Web Site Design:
$1500 – If we design the web site from scratch – require a word or front page documentation with text to be placed on the web site.
$500 – Integration of web site you provide.
$0 – Standard Template web site, with only name change on Virtualphoneline.com. Any other changes will incur the rates listed above according to your specifications.
Recurring Charges: Per Number Billing
$1.00 per number per month (hosting)
Minimum of 100 DID’s charged Per Month every month from the 2nd month.
All Charges are Per Month Recurring
This charge is not for the DID number. It is the billing software fee – CFMS Charge.
Sample Pricing Calculation:
The following slides will show different sales model of CFMS software charges

DID to PSTN – Flat Rate
DID to Google Talk or MSN
Sample Pricing Calculation:DID to PSTN – Flat Rate
Suppose you see a DID of France on DIDX for $1.99 a month
CFMS Charge will be $1.00 in addition.
Call goes to your own switch via CarrierX , CarrierX charges you .002 cents a min for that
Your fixed cost become $2.99 a month + Per min.
Sample Pricing Calculation:DID to SIP
Suppose you see a DID of France on DIDX for $1.99/month
CFMS Charge will be $1.00/month
Your fixed cost become $2.99/month.
Sample Pricing Calculation:DID to MSN
Suppose you see a DID of Pakistan on DIDX for $1.99 a month
CFMS Charge will be $1.00/month
Fixed fee is $2.99/month.
YourCompany.Com Gets:
Customer relationship management software
Monthly billing software
Client site management portal for customer self service
Hosting of the server and services.
Switching engine
Integration of external application engine
Re-seller management engine
Fraud prevention tools and more
Other Charges:
1 Time Setup Fee Apply of $2000
Another empowering IP service solution by
Venture into what every one is asking about Introducing
Be the Next
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