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Drug abuse

No description

Melissa Hernandez

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Drug abuse

Drug Abuse Step 1 Problems Experienced $financial HIV/AIDS Depression child abuse/neglect Obesity Education Stress Drug Abuse teen pregnancy Discrimination Rape Single parent homes Social pressures Gun violence Gang violence Divorce/marital problems Step 2 Here in charlotte the
drug abuse rate is going
up 77% every year Russia Here in Moscow, Russia 87% of it's population abuse drugs Step 3 Step 4 picking a problem: Step 5 Step 6 Step 6 Our solution's advantages: Group therapy Group therapy only
costs one third of
personal therapy You get to know
other people who
are experiencing
similar situations You have a boost of self esteem knowing
that your not alone The first step needed to make
this solution successful is to
recognize you have a problem
and that you need help. Steps that need to happen to make this solution
successful The second step is seeking
help at local clinics that
offer group therapy within
your budget Counterargument Get comfortable with
sharing your story
and talking with others
about it. Keep going regularly and try
to maintain yourself clean
of drugs Use your story to help others
stay away from the world of
drugs. "People's self esteem wont rise" This is false, their self esteem will rise because they will know their not the only ones going through the problem of drug abuse. "Group therapy makes you anxious and doesnt relieve stress at all" This is also false because you release stress by sharing what you've been through and you dont have to share if you dont want to Drug abuse is a worldwide problem. It doesnt just happen in the U.S. but drug abuse can be forund all over the globe Now I know you may think that using drugs are bad. Well thats not the case! There's prescription drugs which are used to help you recover from an illness. It becomes drug abuse when you start using them just to get high. Then there's the bad ones like marijuana, heroin, cocain,and many others that you could become addicted to and could even be fatal when you don't get the help of someone to stop abusing drugs. Many people believe that when they get involved in drugs that its only affecting them. They're wrong! Drug abuse not only affects the individual but alo their friends and families. Causes depression traumatic experiences peer pressure DRUG ABUSE lose their job nausea, chills, sweating, mood swings, hallucinations, hangovers, damaged organs sharing needles can result in HIV/ AIDS finding a solution: more help lines (for people in other countries) someone to talk to
(friends, adults, doctors, etc.) finding free help rehabilitation going to group therapy By: Melissa H. and Jessica S. closer family relationships school awareness Effects drug free campus
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