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Let's start with review of pronouns and antecedents.

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Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 31 January 2018

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Transcript of Let's start with review of pronouns and antecedents.

Warm Up
How has it helped you to know about Black History?
Let's start with review of pronouns and antecedents.
Now, let's look at interrogative and demonstrative pronouns.
Interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions.
Who, whom, whose, which what?
Demonstrative pronouns
This, that, these, those

What is on the pizza?
Who picked up the pizzas?
Whom did you call for pizza.
Whose pizza slice is that?
Which pizza slice is mine?
Who is a subject. Whom is an object. Whose refers to possession. Which refers to something in a group. What refers to things and information.
These pronouns point out particular things or people.
This-singular and near
That-singular and far
These-plural and near
Those-plural and far
Now, we are one day early, but we are diving into Black History month!
We will complete a webquest to review important events and people in black history to prepare for short stories and a novel.
The webquest touches on a variety of people and events in black history in chronological order. You can either type in the links or find it in the files under Reading on the portal.
grammar ws
1-9 vocab test tomorrow
vocabtest.com EC due tomorrow
3.1-3.7 pronoun quiz Friday
ID the antecedents for the underlined pronoun
Jenny and I came home, and
dinner was on the table.
The balled bounced when
rolled down the hill.
Bob and John packed the car
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