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Doris Mansilla Barrientos

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Basketball

Main rules of basketball
•Basketball is played on a court with two rings on each end

• The goal is to throw the ball into the basket the other team and vice versa.

• When a player throws the ball to the basket, it is called a "shot" and this can be worth between one and three points.

• Each team has five players on the court.

• Players cannot carry the ball across the court .Instead they have o pass and dribble the ball towards the basket.

• If a player stops dribbling the ball and continues moving,he/she commits a violation called “travelling”

• If the ball hits the backboard but does not enter the basket ,the opposite team will try to “rebound”

• If a player is too aggressive ,the referee may call a “foul”.The opposite team gets a “free throw”

• The game ends when time is up .The winner is the team with the most points.
• In the event of a draw ,teams play extra time to decide the winner.
What is Basketball?

Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players face .Each team must try to score points or baskets. This involves the insertion of a ball placed in a hoop 3.05 meters above the ground from which hangs a network. The team that scores the most points wins the game.

Measurements of the pitch and the ball
The court
• The basketball court has to be a flat, rectangular surface free of obstacles, with 15 m wide and 28 m long. The field is divided into two equal halves separated by the center line in which is the center circle. In the shorter sides hoops that are 3.05 m in height are located.
Positions of a basketball team
History of basketball
It was invented by James Naismith, a physical education teacher in December 1891 at the YMCA School in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.
The basketball game is an old vessel Canadian childhood remembered an old childhood game called "duck on a rock" (The duck on a rock), which was to try to reach an object placed on a boulder throwing a stone.
How to play

1. free throws are worth one point.
2. shots within the area within the line or triple value of two points.
3. Shooting from the triple line are worth three points.
Scoring is done by two systems are the return and the electrical panel.

International Competitions
Technical Basics

A tank top
Pants should be short and no pockets
You footwear To protect the ankle is used in the form of boots
Socks: Generally shorts and white may also be of a different color.
It is forbidden for players wear rings, chains, bracelets and other jewelry, which may damage the opponent.
Shoot basket
In Chest
Chopped or pique
In Baseball
In Bowling
Behind the back
For overhead
Free kick:
Tray or double step
Boat or Dribble
For Speed:
The ball
• The basketball should obviously be spherical, made ​​of leather or synthetic material, to facilitate gripping of the players still with hands.
• Traditionally it is orange, with black lines, but there are many variations.
• balls of three different denominations corresponding to three different weights and sizes are used according to category:
• The number "7", used for men's basketball
• The "6" for women's basketball
• The "5" for minibasket and pre-children (ages 8 to 12 years usually).
Within the game of basketball there are the following positions
Duration of a match:
• In FIBA, the game consists of four periods of 10 minutes each.
• In the NBA the duration of each period is 12 minutes.
• In the NCAA two periods of 20 minutes each are played.
• If the match ends in a draw between the two teams must play an extension of 5 minutes.

Player: The team consists of 12 players max; 5 forms the starting lineup and the other 7 are the alternates.

Starting the game: One player from each team must be placed within the center circle with one foot close to the line dividing the pitch. The other players must be outside the circle. The referee throws the ball up from the center of the circle and the two players jump vertically to try to deflect without catch, to some team mate.
Referees: For most competitions usually two referees in charge of directing the meeting.
Scorer's table: The table scorer (scorekeeper, assistant scorekeeper, timekeeper, operator rule 24 s, if any, curator) controls all the incidents of the game and produced the score sheet.
Major international competitions national teams are the Olympics and World Championships, held under the auspices of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), which is also responsible for the rules and organizing international championships.

We also have the National Basketball Association or NBA is the leading US professional basketball league in the 30 participating teams divided into Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest and Pacific.

Athlete highlights
At international level
At the country level
Michael Jordan
Kobe Bryant
Magic Johnson
Diana Taurasi
Amaya Valdemoro
Brittney Griner
“The success achieved so who is hungry for victories and Overcoming”
Michael Jordan

Ziomara Morrison
Franco Morales
Eugenio Luzcando
Valentina Aragonese
The first men's basketball game took place in 1891, Springfield, Massachusetts (USA)
The first match was played netball in the USA in 1893.
Doris Mansilla
Melissa Legue
Class: 2° A
Teacher: Marcela Barria
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