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communication in the workplace

No description

Ellie Anderson

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of communication in the workplace

Communication in the Workplace! ACTIVE LISTENING 10 tips in 1. FACE the speaker 2. Maintain contact 3. Minimize internal distractions 4. Respond... 5. Focus on what the
speaker is saying 7. be OPEN minded 6. minimize eXternal
distractions 8. avoid preeching!
nobody likes a know-it-all! 9. even if the speaker is making a complaint about you...be resepectful and let them finish before you respond 10. Engage yourself,
ask questions! E-mail Etiquette! How to get your boss to AGREE! 1. Do your homework 2. Think like the Boss make it understandable and
put perspective on situation aka...how to get a raise! 3. Be prepared for a NO as much as we want/need more $
sometimes it isn't warranted...but prepare yourself with counter reasons and objections 5. ask the question in the right way... try word it so they can't simply say no 4. ask the right question in stead of asking, "can I have more responsibiliy?"
ask "can I take over ____ department? 6. Accept the answer, and regroup if the boss says no, collect your thoughts
and at least they know your motivated and want
to move up. Regroup and prove to them that you
have the potential and drive to get more out of the organization
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