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Patrick's Summer Reading Project

Step into the Story

Patrick Carew

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Patrick's Summer Reading Project

Author: Title: Genre: In No Talking the story takes place in Laketon Elementary School and happens in November. Setting Main Character Problem/Goal Solution/Conclusion My opinion of No Talking is that the book is interesting but the book needed more detail. The author didn't talk much about the characters feelings about the contest. Opinion Step into the Story Andrew Clements The main character of No Talking is 5th grader Dave Packer. Dave is not afraid to say what he is thinking. He believes that the girls talk more than the boys. If a was casting a cast for
No Talking I would choose
Zach Gordon to play Dave.
Zach. He has also starred in the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movies. Dave and Lindsey are having a fight about who talks more. Dave thinks the girls talk more than the boys. But Lindsey thinks the boys talk more than the girls. Since Dave and Lindsey are arguing who talks more Dave comes up with a contest. There would be no talking for two days. Every sentence would cost you points depending how big your sentence was. At the end of the second day the score was tied 74 points to 74 points. So the boys and the girls talk
as much as each other.
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