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Julia DuBear

on 21 February 2016

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Transcript of Soccer

Budding Superstars
This is a list of "Budding Superstars". It was created for the U-20 world cup that happened this past summer. However, these players are still very important to watch, as they are teenagers that have already achieved so much in their soccer careers, making it to a world cup is not a small achievement (even if it was for U-20). The fact that they were chosen to represent their countries says a lot about their skill and their passion for the sport. This is definitely a list of people that you will be seeing in the world of soccer superstars soon!
Current Rankings
This is a list of the current top players in the world, such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I personally think that Messi will stay number one for a while, he has definitely got both the passion and the talent to be in his current position. Furthermore, this list is important to have when comparing the achievements of the current superstars, to the achievements of the new generation that will likely come in soon.
The Next Generation of Superstars
Top Youngsters to Watch
This website is another list of young superstars to watch for. This site shows you a lot of important information about the player, including: their age, height, weight, number, position, team, and nationality. There are quite a few interesting names on the list, and there are definitely quite a few to look out for. These players should definitely be given the credit they deserve for their amazing dedication to practice and the effort they put into making every game their best game.
What I Already Know
Why I Am Interested

Who Will Be the Next Soccer Star?
My Thesis
Considering the fleet of young soccer stars, I highly presume that the next soccer star will be from the younger generation.

There are several facts and ideas that I already know about soccer. After all, it is my favourite sport! First of all, the current number one soccer team in the world, is Argentina's men's team. The close second is Germany's men's Team! As for the women's rankings, the United States is currently in first place with only a 74 point lead! Germany is in a very close second, and France is currently in third place. Soccer is a very old sport, it is said to have been created in the mid-19th century (1800s). But, there could have been people playing in the past that we do not know about, so who knows, soccer could be as old as humans! When playing soccer there are exactly 11 players allowed on the field, this is including the goal keeper. The main rule in soccer is that you are only allowed to use your legs, unless you are making a throw-in or picking the ball up after the whistle was blown. All in all, soccer is one the most beloved sports in the world.
Soccer is my favourite sport, so naturally I would be very interested in the players and the game itself. When I have played soccer before, at school or with family, I really enjoyed it. It is quite interesting how the sport is played only with your legs. It really challenges your abilities and develops your agility and leg strength. Though it is hard to play at first, once you get used to the idea of using your legs, and with a lot of practice it becomes much more fun to play. Another thing that interests me about soccer, is the idea that there are so many amazing players in the world. From kids to seniors, you can find an amazing soccer player in every age group. Soccer is not limited by ethnicity, age, or gender. If you like the sport and enjoy playing you will automatically become better at it through practice.
This website shows you a list of 50 players from around the world, that are young and should be watched for their amazing talents. It has at least one player for each country, showing you their age, club and their position. It also contains a small description of their talents and advantages. This website is definitely an important resource to have when scouting for the next "Messi".
This website tells you a list of 50 players, all from a very young generation. Therefore, it can be stated that the next star could be very young. In fact, Messi himself, is quite young at age 28, but there could be a new younger Messi!
This website is another example about how talented the youth in this world can be. There are amazing players out there, that I doubt are very far away from being a "Ronaldo", maybe even a "Pele"! This further proves my thesis that the next superstar doesn't have to be an older player, most of the best players right now are very young when you consider it.
Yet another example of the youth in the various enthic groups from around the world. When you think about it, you can tell that the next superstar will be young. This list proves that it could even be a young teenager. All the players listed here are under the age of 20! What an achievement for them, to featured like this for the world to see!
When you look at the current rankings, you see that even today's best players are pretty young themselves! This further proves my theory that the next superstar is not defined by what age they are, but they are defined by their skill. These young players have so much skill and passion that they can make the cut for sure!
Considering the fleet of young soccer stars, I highly presume that the next soccer star will be from the younger generation.
Evidence for My Conclusion
What you learn from all of the websites is that I have listed, is that there is a very high chance for a young player to become the next superstar, because soccer is not defined by age, but by skill and passion. These players have both, and they will definitely be the next "Messi" or "Ronaldo"!
The Next Generation of Superstars: http://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2015/oct/07/next-generation-2015-50-of-the-best-young-talents-in-world-football
Top Youngsters to Watch: http://www.china.org.cn/top10/2015-02/04/content_34713810.htm
Current Rankings: http://www.ibtimes.com/top-50-footballers-world-2015-2016-season-lionel-messi-or-cristiano-ronaldo-best-2041929
Budding Superstars: http://www.sbnation.com/soccer/2015/5/26/8631097/u20-world-cup-2015-best-players-future-stars
Learning Outcomes
I learned to make a presentation using the topic that I picked. Furthermore, I learned to pick a topic, create a thesis from this topic, and to research websites to prove my thesis and make a point. Another outcome I received was that I learned how much I really love soccer, and how it depend on the passion and skill, not your age!
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