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The Problem of Cell 13 Chapter 13

No description

Johan Vargas

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of The Problem of Cell 13 Chapter 13

The Problem of Cell 13 Chapter 3 Summary The Problem of Cell 13 Characters The Thinking Machine This chapter begins with the guard who discovers the Thinking Machine wanted to send a message to the Dr. Ransome. The guard examined everything out of his cell and found parts of his white shirt, the guard thought the thinking machine was trying to escape by sending hidden messages. The guard returned to the cell 13 and found the machine thinking on his knees and catching rats.
The guard asked him the shirt he had and in return gave him a blue shirt prisoner, the guard compares the shirt with the parts I had and told the machine thinking, "this is the end of your first plan of escape."
On the third day in jail wearing the thinking machine try to bribe the guard saying that he knew that was not criminal and in turn giving money. The guard went to his office and talk to the other machine thinking that it was bribing with money. at 6:00 o'clock the guard went to the cell 13 to bring food to the thinking machine, the guard stood in the corridor because he heard a noise inside the cell and saw the thinking machine trying to cut bars the window to escape. I look at the Guard and returned for review by another guard, they found a piece of steel. They took it away and said that in six months and came out thinking machine was silent and the guards were.
at 4:00 o'clock of next Monday the guard heard a horrible noise coming from the prison of the center of the building a sound of horror, I hear the guard and ran with 3 other guards down the hall and went to the cell 13. The Warden Dr. Ransome Johan Vargas
Cristian Ramos
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