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A look into the life a the great composer, Mozart

Steven Fothergill

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Mozart

Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart

(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 1756 -1791 Biography - Started composing music at the age of 5
-Performed for the Empress of Austria at age 6
-Composed first three symphonies and met Bach at age 8
-Completed his first opera at age 12
-Toured Italy many times - his father Leopold wanted to showcase his talents
-In his teenage years, mastered piano, harpsichord and violin Child Prodigy Height Of Musical Life Played for Louis XV and George III Travelled to Mannheim looking for court position Toured Vienna, giving amazing performances Haydn called him the greatest living composer Couldn't find work in Munich or Mannheim, returned to Salzburg Gained major popularity for not only composing entire operas, but also managing the entire orchestra. Later Years Recieved enough money over the years to live a comfortable life Often borrowed money in times of need Married Constanze Weber, younger sister of a former lover Ascent Descent Major Works Mitridate, re di Ponto Middle: 1772 - 1781 Early Stage: 1761-1772 La finta semplice Bastien und Bastienne Died on Dec 5th, 1791 Missa in C, Coronation Mass Late: 1781-1791 The Magic Flute Requiem The Marriage Of Figaro Effect/Influence On Others Took pupils under his wing Said to have great influence on Beethoven Many composers of his time payed hommage Historical Contexts Events The Seven Year's War The American Revolution Lexington and Concourd Battles French Revolution French and Indian War 1756-63
1754-63 1763-89 1775 1789-1815 Impact On The World Time of change Enlightenment brought together both ideas from the Renaissance and the Reformation Many beliefs/foundations today originated Artistic Analysis Mozart's Clarinet Quintet Easily conveyed emotions Transformed stories into music flawlessly Mastered instruments to brilliantly compose with them Adapted to his audience - incorpotated their style into music Some people didn't appreciate it - didn't understand it Competitors were no match - instead they borrowed certain elements Some of Mozart'sworks are easily recognized today His music has been used in things such as internet greeting cards and car commercials Impact Today Mozart Turkish March What Would Mozart Think Of Music Today?
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