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prostitution should not be legal

No description

shirley tao

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of prostitution should not be legal

Prostitution should not be legal
Prostitution is more then just a sexual related crime and can actually lead to more crimes and violence on the streets.
How can we protect our rights?
"Victimless Crime "?
Human Traffic
150 countries survey
"... Commercial sexual exploitation is least prevalent in countries where prostitution is illegal, most prevalent in countries where prostitution is legalized......
-- Niklas Jakobsson and Andreas K.(Feb, 2013), The law and Economics of International Sex Slavery
Drugs are becoming a common currency for prostitutes.
Many prostitutes have beaten and killed by the buyers as well.
Prostitution impacts family and marriage life
The prostitution ads implacts children and juveniles
Underage prostitution
children can not covering their eyes all the time
what is behind the prostitution?
How many prostitutes have been mistreated?
Physically abused
Threatened with a weapon

Temple Prostitutes in Hindu
Prostitution in Bible

What is human traffic?
Modern-day Slavery
How bad the sexual human traffic is?
STDs (including HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, human papilloma virus, and syphilis)
PID: pelvic inflammatory disease
Cervical cancer
moral issue
why they cover their face?
what happened
how about their family?
Chinese traditional moral system

easy targets
Children Prostitutes
What reasons result in Human traffic flourishing in the world?
"Sex trafficking would not exist without the demand for commercial sex..."
-- The Us Department of State(June, 2007), trafficking in humans report
Prostitution Law of the world
-- Prostitution is the world's oldest oppression.

-- Overlook prostitutes is ignoring human right abuses.

-- Prostitution should not be legalize instead of stronger law against prostitution to wipe it off.

What is your opinion about whether the prostitution should be legal or illegal? why?

How can we control the STD spread?

How prostitution impact our social life?
Legality prostitution leads to more trafficking
The mortuary photo of Elizabeth Stride, one of two prostitutes who were murdered in London by Jack the Ripper.
Sexually transmitted diseases
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