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6 Steps of the Writing Process

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Jadyn Leatham

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of 6 Steps of the Writing Process

Step 1: Pre-Writing
In this step you brainstorm, free write, and or do a self model. Think about your audience and the purpose of the writing.
Step 2: Drafting
In this step you create a rough draft. You need to get something on paper!
Step 3: Revising
Make it better by getting rid of unwanted information and make it sound more professional.
Step 4: Editing
Take words out that aren't needed. Check for convictions (capitalizing first letter of the sentence, run-on sentences, punctuations, spelling, and too short choppy sentences.)
Step 5: Publishing
This is when you print, share with your teacher, and/or you perform your work.
Step 6: Reflecting
Figure out what you could have done better. Ask yourself these questions and more: Where could I have added more information? What did I learn about my topic while writing?
6 Steps of the Writing Process
by: Jadyn Leatham
Six traits to good writing:
1. Ideas and content
2. Organization
3. Voice
4. Word Choice
5. Sentence fluency
6. Convections
Use 8th grade words!!
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