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Louise Pratt

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of ICT

Music Video Audience Select and refine video style Layout Colour schemes Purpose interest? Multimodel Cross-Curricular music music quality Creative Multimodel choose creative and individual ways of using multimedia as a means of expressing themselves and their learning in a nonlinear, multimodal approach. (Mowbray & Pickup,2006) Adventures in Creativity develops the creative/innovative potential and the psychological wellness of individuals and organizations (Young, 2005) FILMING critical planning and
reasoning collaborative
teamwork reflect and
refine Prioritization "critical thinking skills" (Bowlett) "Teamwork and Collaboration" (Craft) "adaptive and information literacy" (Carvin) "critical and creative particpants" (Loveless) original independent transferrable skills purposeful playful open-ended? design choice autonomous Creative The are seven cross-curriculum dimensions: identity and cultural diversity; healthy lifestyles; community participation; enterprise; global dimension and sustainable development; technology and media; creativity and critical thinking. (National CUrriculum Online)

Children are learning all the time. They make connections between their learning consciously and unconsciously. Often they make connections that we cannot plan or predict (CILT) music art drama ICT capability literacy history Cross Curricular The application of knowledge, principles and values to more than one academic discipline simultaneously (Itscotland)
Students today live in a multimedia world and appreciate variety in their learning environment. They take audio visual information and the Internet for granted! When learning they find a mixture of text, still images, sound and video is more interesting than 'chalk and talk'. They gain opportunities for higher level thinking when producing their own digital video clips. Now that it is easier to produce digital media there are huge opportunities for learning within a school and for global collaboration between students and teachers via the Internet. Even small video clips can be very powerful. enablers audience 'specialists' purpose range of equipment Allowing children to flourish by setting some
parameters - sometimes too much choice is not
a helpful starting point!! support for autonomy and choice PE
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