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Advances in Painting and Sculpture During the Renaissance

Florence, Italy (Ch. 29)

Annette Cruz

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Advances in Painting and Sculpture During the Renaissance

Advances in Painting and Sculpture During
the Renaissance Humanism in Renaissance Painting Realistic looking people Lifelike positions Showing feeling Realistic background Perspective in Renaissance
Painting Appearance of depth on
a flat surface The smaller a painted object, the more
far away it appears. The larger an object,
the closer it appears Drawing lines closer together
as they recede into the distance Shading makes objects look three-dimensional Science and Math's Contributions
to the Renaissance Masaccio: use geometry to divide
the space so scence are scaled as they
would be in real life. Studying anatomy to see how
bodies move and then portray
them realistically in art Science: combine powdered
pigments (colors) with oil, and
you have a paint that is thicker,
shows detalis, can be painted over
and dries slower Sculpture in the Renaissance An interest in realism-
humanistic approach Free standing statues, that could be
viewed from all perspectives, which
represented the individualit and
independence of humanism
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