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The Cuu Long Delta rural water supply and sanitation project

No description

Kiara Munteanu

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of The Cuu Long Delta rural water supply and sanitation project

The Cuu Long Delta rural water supply and sanitation project
The Australian government, through AusAID has worked alongside vietnamese government in the devlopment and implementation of the CLDRWSS project.
Who is involved?
This project has encourgaed the participation of women in improving living standards and health through the provision of clean water and adequate sanitation.
What is being done?
Many poor people within the region were collecting water from unsafe sources. families were paying 3-10 times the local price for suitable drinking water.Women often spent significant time and energy collecting water for basic household needs.
Why is it being done?
Where is it being done?
The project involved the expansion of the water supply systems in the region so that the people had increasing access to clean, reliable piped water.Safe drinking water was supplied to 70-80 percent of the population, close to there homes and at an affordable cost. As a result, the prevelance of water-related diseases declined and poverty decreased as people were well enough to work.
when is it being done?
The project was completed in January 2008.
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