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BELIEVE: A Talk on Goal Setting

for Emilio Aguinaldo College's Senior Experience Program (400 graduating students)

Chock Encabo

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of BELIEVE: A Talk on Goal Setting

VISION GOALS AND Plant a Vision. What you plant
is what you reap. Fear of failure
Fear of being ashamed
Fear of the unknown YOU DO NOT PLANT AND REAP ON THE SAME DAY Principle of Persistence and Perseverance TAKE CARE of your PLANT ‘No Finish Line: My Life As I See It’ S M A R T Specific
Time-bound G O A L S If all else fails,
Great Farmer. PASSION for EXCELLENCE "We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. "
---Aristotle Non Multo,
Sed Multa “If one needed to do a thing, it should be done well” Tama na yan, pwede na yan,
hindi ko na kaya… Eh kasi yung ano,
na ano nung ano… Alam ko na yan… If there is no one to motivate you,
motivate yourself. Stretch yourself to the limits
of your potentials. If the environment is anti-excellence,
the winner will try to change it. LIVE BIG. WAKE UP! ENJOY THE JOURNEY. Rtn. CHOCK ENCABO thehappyrotarian@gmail.com twitter/instagram: superchockster https://www.facebook.com/chockencabo Senior Experience Program 2012 www.iamchockencabo.blogspot.com
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