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ASU Racing Team

Shell's Presentation for Marsa Alam's Event

Mohamed Elwy

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of ASU Racing Team

Driving Knowledge and Industry into ACTION

2010 - 2014
When the story had begun
We are a group of
Egyptian Students
at the faculty of Engineering –Ain Shams University- believing that
Egyptian Youth
have a lot of potential capabilities appearing in their passion to learn and revive our nation through strengthening the industry and technology of automotive and mobile robotics that for sure will cause a tremendous economical rise.
Vision & Mission
ASU Racing Team aims to establish a research entity to revive Egyptian Industry & technology in Automotive and Mobile Robots fields through learning, applying and teaching knowledge & scientific know-how.
To measure and improve the abilities of the Egyptian engineering student by early exposure to an international experience to develop an educated generation committed to their own values and capable of leading the chain of change in Egypt.
The 3rd place winner Infographic judged by
National Geographic
Our Projects
Formula Student

Design and build a single-seat racing car in order to compete in Formula Student Competition in London, UK against the best Universities in Europe
In this project we are challenged to:
In this project we are challenged to:
Design and build a ROV(remote operated underwater vehicle) or an AUV(Autonomous underwater vehicle).
In order to compete in international competitions in USA
Shell Eco-Marathon
In this project we are challenged to:
Design and build an ultra-efficient car.
In order to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon competition.
ASU Racing Team's
Formula Student
Shell Eco-Marathon
We have built our
ultra-efficient car
For the first time
Ain Shams University
as it is one of the leading universities in the middle east in engineering to participate in their unique competition Shell Eco-Marathon.
From this point, our journey of challenges and effort started !
Our challenge was designing , building and driving an ultra-efficient car.
Our passionate and creative students started designing and creating their own vehicle.
Our First Egyptian
"Unmanned Autonomous"
Underwater vehicle is now ready for the US challenge.
And now we have our first ultra-efficient car with our unique stamp
" Made in Egypt "
Our Journey companions
And The Journey Continues...

2010 - 20??
Formula Al-Ahram
EED'11, EED'12, EED'13
Seminars "Automotive Career Path"
1) Eng.Sherif
Management consultant at Four principles UAE
2) Eng.Hesham Amer:

The Regional Service Manager – Territory of Oman, Saudi Arabia & Yemen of General Motors
3) Eng.Amr Abd-El-Fattah
EE Support Section Head, Bavarian Auto Manufacturing Co.
ASU Faculty Booth
in FSUK'12 Class "2"
in FSUK'13 Class"1"
winning infographic in
Shell Student Energy Challenge
Egy Science Festival'13
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