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Australian Timeline 1770-1901 (Billy Roberts)

A timeline of the making of Australia

Billy Roberts

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Australian Timeline 1770-1901 (Billy Roberts)

TIMELINE OF AUSTRALIA FROM 1770 TO 1901 1770 CAPT COOK Captain Cook sails his ship, Endeavour, to Botany Bay on April 19, 1770 and claims "Terra Australis" for Britain 1788 The First Fleet The First Fleet consisted of Eleven ships
and around 750 convicts transported from
an overcrowded Britain to form a penal
colony in Australia. The First Fleet arrived
in 1788 1803 Matthew Flinders Matthew Flinders sailed around the circumference of Australia in 1803 and successfully mapped the perimeter of Australia 1829 Western Australia Charles Fremantle claimed Western Australia in the name of
Britain in 1839. Australia was split like this until 1851 1836 1851 The Discovery of Gold in Bathurst Edward Hargraves discovered gold in a waterhole
in Bathurst in 1851. He had a suspicion that there
was gold in Bathurst due to the geological similarity
of Australia to the Californian Goldfields. 1852 The Effects of the Gold Rush Once Gold was discovered, thousands immigrated from all over the world to attempt to find gold. The Australian population increased by about 1 million during the Gold Rush. Australia benefited from the Gold Rush as it was one of the main exporters of Gold during the Gold Rush 1854 The Eureka Stockade Numerous events lead up to a group of miners becoming fed up with
the Authority of the time. The protesters burnt there licences and demanded
-a vote
- cheaper licences

The Eureka stockade was set up in Eureka, and from the conflict, 30 miners and 5 soldiers were killed.

Below is the Eureka Flag 1889 The Father of Federation's speech Sir Henry Parkes, also known as the father of Federation, was the driving force of federation. He came up with the idea of federation and delivered a speech in 1889 that ultimately swayed the colonies to take up federation. Parkes died before federation came about. 1901 Federation The Federation occured in 1901, and was
the joining of 6 colonies to form a nation.
The Australian coat of arms consists of a Kangaroo, Emu,
symbols of the colonies and the wattle.
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