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Five Geographic Regions of Georgia

Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Blue Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, Valley and Ridge

Amy Russell

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Five Geographic Regions of Georgia

5 Geographic
Regions of Georgia
Appalachian Plateau
Valley and Ridge
Blue Ridge
Coastal Plain
Appalachian Plateau Region
Smallest of the five regions
Climate: mild summers/mild winters
Fun Facts
Fun things to do:
Lookout Mountain - you can see 7 states! Can you guess which ones?
Located in the Northwestern corner of Georgia
The Appalachian region is very mountainous with many rivers and streams flowing through them.
Ridge and Valley Region
Located in the Northwestern part of Georgia
Fun Facts
Climate: mild summers/mild winters
Agriculture in the valley: farming & pastures
Corn, soybeans, wheat, and cotton
Fun Things to Do:
Dalton, Georgia: The Carpet Capital of the World!
Blue Ridge Region
Located in the Northeastern part of Georgia
Blue Ridge is part of the Appalachian Mountain Range.
It has many beautiful mountains.

Brasstown Bald Peak is 4, 784 feet = the highest point in Georgia!
Fun Facts
Mild summers/cold winters
LOTS of rain!
Apples, corn, and other vegetables are grown
Major cities: Clayton, Brasstown Bald, Dahlonega, and Blue Ridge
Fun Things to Do:
Springer Mountain marks the beginning of the Appalachian Trail.
Cumberland Plateau
Springer Mountain

Panning for gold

It is very fun to pan for gold in Dahlonega, Georgia!
Piedmont Region
Located in the Central part of Georgia
Fun Facts
Hot summers/mild winters
Cotton, soybeans, and wheat are grown in this region
The Piedmont ends at the Fall Line
This region stretches from Alabama to South Carolina
Fun Things to Do:
Six Flags, White Water, Stone Mountain, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, World of Coca-Cola
The capital of Georgia is here! Can you name the capital?
Coastal Plains Region
Located in the Southern part of Georgia
Fun Facts
Climate: hot summers/mild winters
Agriculture- farming: turpentine and land used for pastures
Major cities: Valdosta, Albany, Columbus, Macon, Augusta
What is turpentine?
special type of oil from live trees
Fun Things to Do:
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
(largest swamp in North America)
Lower Coastal Plains meets the Atlantic Ocean = beach fun!
Barrier Islands off the coast of Georgia in the Coastal Plains region
Fall Line
Where hilly land meets coastal plains
Which two regions does it divide?
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