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The French Revolution

By: Daniel Mei

Daniel Mei

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The French Revolution

By: Daniel Mei The French Revolution The Meeting of Estates-General The Tennis Court Oath Storming of Bastille The March of Versailles Beheading of King Louis XVI The Reign of Terror Source Page 1. en.wikipedia.org (picture) 2. teachnet.eu (picture) The Meeting of Estates-General (Summary) The Third Estate in France that was 95% of the population, had a financial crisis that had angered everyone. They wanted change, but this was had to do, you see, the First and Second Estate each had one vote, and the Third estate had gotten outvoted due to them having one vote.They didn't want vote by order, they wanted voted by heads, meaning that they wanted to vote by the number of deputies. This led to the Tennis Court Oath.

The meeting of estates-general had made a step to democracy, leading up to the tennis court, power to the people. 3.http://library.thinkquest.org/C006257/revolution/tennis_court_oath.shtml The Tennis Court Oath (Summary) The Third estate was beginning to revolt against the
First and Second Estate, King Louis XVI did not want
this to happen, so they locked them out, in attempts to break them apart, the National Assembly stuck together and went to the nearby indoor tennis court, they had pledged to stay together until a constitution was written.The Constitution of 1791 had been created soon after
The constitution had followed America in popular sovereignty, which led to more democracy. Storming of Bastille (Summary) On July 14, 1789, the beginning of the revolution had begun, they had stormed the Bastille, a prison and armory, had been taken by 900 Parisians. The warden had given up the Bastille and gotten beheaded, the Parisians had aquired supplies such as gunpowder, this had marked the start of the revolution.

The storming of the Bastille had made a step toward democracy, proving the point that they wanted change, just like the Americans. 900 Parisians had torn off
the Bastille, brick by brick. 4. en.wikipedia.org (picture) "My children is starving
because there is no bread!" Vote by head,
not order! We will not stop until
a constitution is written! March of Versailles (Summary) The March of Versailles started on October 5th, 1789.
Thousand of women had marched to the palace with various weapons, they asked for bread, so they forced the king to promise to their demands, they also insisted they move to Paris, and they did. They were virtual prisoners in Paris.

This had made a step to democracy due to destroying independent authority. The king didn't have much power. 5. historywiz.com 6. bastille-day.com Beheading of King Louis XVI (Summary) The execution was in early 1793, where the interests of radicals in Paris influenced the killing of King Louis XVI. On January 21, 1793, the king was beheaded with the guillotine. This was due to him working with other countries to being accused of treason. He was found guilty. After his death, the phrase "Vive la republic." was created for the republic created.

This had not made a huge step to democracy since the king wasn't anything but a figure head. Reign of Terror (Summary) Almost 40,000 people died during the Reign of Terror. King Louis XVI died from
committing treason. The National Convention had gave powers to a group of 12 called the Committee of Public Safety, it was dominated by someone named Robespierre. About for a year between 1793 and 1794, the Committee of Public Safety took control of the government and to protect France from domestic threats, they accepted policies known as the Reign of Terror. This was to prevent treason. It was suppose to prosecute counterrevolutionaries and traitors, almost 40,000 people died during the Reign of Terror, 16,000 of them were killed by the guillotine. The CPS had created more steps to a safe, controllable France. Robespierre called this new order the Republic of Virtue—a democratic republic composed of good citizens. A law aimed at primary education for all was passed but not widely spread. Another law abolished slavery in French colonies.

This had not made a step toward democracy, it had made France seem scary, 40,000 people had died during this 1 year. How The French Revolution Contributed to Growth of Democracy The French Revolution had contributed to the growth of democracy because it influenced other countries to change, get rid of absolute monarchy. French themselves were influenced by America and their revolution, into a democracy. France had been the 2nd country to have democracy and they showed that other countires can ahve it to. Living Conditions Peasants during these times were heavily taxed, they didn't have shelter, no sanitation, the price of living had increase more than their wages, the peasants even had duties owed to nobles. Then the king was spending large sums of money on military and parties that France had an economic crisis, this made the third estate was change. 7. Connected.mcgraw-hill.com (textbook)
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