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Hope Springs

No description

Genie Brady

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Hope Springs

Hope Springs Equestrian Therapy Inc.
Getting to Know Them
Since 1997
Nonprofit Organization
Who They Help
From adults with severe spinal cord injuries and children with autism, to individuals with developmental difficulties and youth at risk.
Mission Statement
The mission of Hope Springs Equestrian Therapy is to enhance the quality of life of individuals with cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioral disabilities by providing them with affordable therapeutic horseback riding and associated special education of the highest possible quality, in a warm, safe and familiar environment.

How They Help
• Work one-on-one with riders, parents and therapists

• Horses and ponies are hand-picked for their gentleness and patience

• Horses are specially trained to meet the requirements of individuals with disabilities

• Riders develop warmth and tenderness for their horses and the feeling of self-sufficiency by learning to care for their horses

Why Equine Therapy Works
• Natural movement of the horse relaxes and strengthens muscle groups affected by illness and injury, improves balance, coordination and endurance, and generally aids in restoring independence to individuals with diverse disabilities
Therapeutic Riding

One hour one-on-one riding sessions for children and adults with physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral disabilities are designed to meet each individual's unique needs, capabilities, and goals.

The benefits of equestrian therapy include increased strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, self-confidence and communication skills

Summer, Winter, and Saturday Horse Camps

Our week-long and single-day horse camps offer school-age children with disabilities an extended chance to connect with a very special therapeutic partner: their horse.

In addition to therapeutic riding, campers get a chance to bond with each other while learning more about horses and enhancing their life skills

Sibling Ride Program

Siblings of children with disabilities often experience stress and lack positive attention.

Including them in our program can boost confidence for both siblings while promoting deeper understanding of equestrian therapy and how it enriches the whole family.

At-Risk Youth Program

Hope Springs staff collaborates with mental health experts to work with children and teens at risk of developing emotional behaviors and/or exhibiting behavioral problems.

Innovative Special Education Programs

They provide equine-facilitated special education programs to help local students develop new abilities and life skills.
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