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Mixa For Men

No description

Clément Casenave

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Mixa For Men

Mixa For Men
Crème hydratante
A man that uses face cream, who is between 18-35 years old, who buys his cosmetics products at the supermarkets and likes a fresh feeling for the cream

Arnhällen Kristine
Casenave Clément
El Khoury Hannibal
Favet Pierre-Luc
Kahlert Frederik
Scherer Henrik

-Growing market for men skin care
-New product range for Mixa
-Target men: Age 18-35/Fresh feelings/Supermarkets
-Classic product following Mixa's brand attributes
-Price range: 8-10 euros, slightly superior
-Promotion in many ways


Presentation of Mixa
External Analysis
Company Background
-Established in 1924, part of the SCAD Group
-Focus on women and babies
-Acquisition by L'Oréal Group in 1958
-"Expert for dry skin"
-Offering moisturizers, cleansers, anti-aging,body milk, suntan lotion
-Free of dye, alcohol and paraben

=> High quality product with a long tradition
Consumer expectations
Potentional brand attributes
Positioning of competitive brands

-The product price:
-Following a deep study of the market
-In accordance with the price range of all Mixa products
-Following the questionnaire

-Defined price is slightly superior to the market average but more prestigeous
-Satisfy or reimburse policy

-Dedicated to men
- Respectful to the skin, refreshening but also revitalising and nursing the most dry skins

-Sweetness composition with components which minimize any case of allergies
-Dye, alcohol and paraben free
-Texture aerial, non-greasy and also non occlusive: no reaction with the skin

-Adaptable on every types of skins
-Pharmaceutical features
-High and certified quality range of product
-Innovation of features allowing 24h of fresh sensation

-Small size: 50ml / cylindrical format/ easy pump
-The idea is to propose a very ‘elitist’ product which appears clearly in the stores



Do you have any Questions?
-Skincare: 32% of the cosmetic market share
-Growth of 3,8% in the cosmetic market
-Men skincare grows 1.5 faster than women's segment
-50 % of French men use face cream
-Per capita spending of 166€/year
-Outer appearance of higher importance

-L'Oreal Paris, Nivea, Garnier, Clarinsmen, Neutrogena
-Increasing competition

-Decison making power
-Around 16.8000 POS in France

Prescribers and research laboratories play only a minor role
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