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Sunny's Massachsuetts Prezi

No description

Sarah Clancy

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Sunny's Massachsuetts Prezi

Massachusetts By:Sunnyhith Maddineni Massachusetts has many vacation spots that need to be improved.Don't you want to go epic vacation trips like awesome amusement parks.They will provide many good vacation spots.Help Massachusetts and you will be happy about it. Reward:
$100,000,000 Massachusetts
is in a lot of
trouble. Massachusetts needs
money. Massachusetts is state that is very important to America. It was even part of the 13 colonies. Massachusetts deserves
Money. Massachusetts is
important. It is one of the
13 colonies of the
USA Has many
things that
belong to the
War. When deciding on
what to put in the
Revolutionary war,
Massachusetts was part of it. These are a few states part of
13 colonies. Massachusetts is part of it. Massachusetts has gone through
some very important facts in history . Massachusetts holds a marathon every year
and this year it has been bombed.Three people died and 200 were seriously injured.It was a terrible incident.Massachusetts needs money to reconstruct the building Massachusetts goverment
has given an offer to the
person who gives the money to Massachusetts.They will get a reward.
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