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Element Project / By: Vincent Dela Cruz

Element Chosen: Phosphorus / Per.5

Vincent Dela Cruz

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Element Project / By: Vincent Dela Cruz

PER.5 12/19/12 Phosphorus is an essential component for living things and is found in nerves, tissue, bones, and cell protoplasm. Phosphorus is mostly found in it's compound form called phosphates in nature. Phosphorus comes in several different forms ,or allotropes, but mostly in different forms of colors which includes white (or yellow), red, and black (or violet). The difference between these allotropes is that all of them react differently to certain things and form differently too. For example, white phosphorus is made from phoshate rock, when it is heated enough to create vapor and this vapor is then condensed to make white phosphorus. Red phosphorus is made when white phosphorus reacts with the air or sunlight. Black phosphorus is made when white phosphorus is heated under pressure. Phosphorus has a solid, waxy texture and it smells garlic-like. Modern Info on Phosphorus The Uses of Phosphorus Industrial Uses:
-smoke bombs
-incendiary shells
-safety matches
-tracer bullets Daily Uses:
-Phosphates are used to
make special glasses for
sodium lamps.
-water softener
-fertilizers Chemical compounds: Phosphorus pentafluoride (PF
Phosphorus triiodide (PI
Phosphorus pentabromide (PBr 5 ) , Phosphine (PH 3 ), 3 ), Phosphorus trichloride (PCI 3 ), 5 )
-These compounds are just some of the compounds phosphorus has. -Phosphorus is mostly used to manufacture products like the ones listed above. The Origin of the Name and symbol Phosphorus comes from the ancient greek word "phos" which means light. The symbol for phosphorus which is "P" is just an abbreviation for phosphorus in the periodic table. Phosphorus what is it? The picture above shows phosphate rock and the picture below shows glowing phosphorus The founding of Phosphorus all started in Germany and it was founded by a german alchemist named Hennig Brand. He discovered it in Germany on 1669 by heating his own urine which he thought could be used to create other metals into gold but instead he discovered phosphorus by accident. The amount of urine he got was, "Not less than 50-60 buckets per experiment in fact, each of which required more than a fortnight to complete."(Winter,2012) When phosphorus is reacted to heat and air it tends to glow and that's why he called it phosphorus because of the light emitting from it. atomic number element symbol element name atomic weight/mass Phosphorus's Atomic Structure The History of Phosphorus Protons: 15
Electrons: 15
Neutrons: 16
Valence Electrons: 5 Isotopes Phosphorus isotopes include:
-30p Haiku Poems about Phosphorus I am Phosphorus ,
I can be black, white, or red,
I smell like garlic

Hennig Brand found me,
By heating his own urine,
Trying to make gold

I'm in your body,
I am used in industry, I also explode The Chemical Compounds of Phosphorus Reference Books:
-Knapp, B.(1997). Elements: Nitrogen and
Phosphorus. Grolier Educational, Sherman
Turnpike: Danbury, CT.

-Busch, M.(2012). World Book-Encyclopedia(P):
Phosphorus pg.403. World Book, Inc.: Chicago, IL.

-Gray, T.(2009). The Elements. Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc.: New York, New York

Website Reference:
-Winter, M. (2012). Periodic Table of the Elements. 12/17/12. htpp://webelements.com/. Bibliography How Phosphorus was found
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