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Beowulf vs. Shrek

No description

katie purtee

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Beowulf vs. Shrek

Protecting Others
Donkey is in desperate need of help. The Lord wants all fairy tale creatures to be locked away. Donkey secretly has the ability to talk, however, he is pretending he can not. The knights tell him to leave and as he is leaving a fairy sprinkles pixie dust on him. He begins to fly, "Look at me, I can fly!!!" The knights were astounded that when he opened his mouth words spilled out. The dust quickly wore off, and Donkey's feet hit the ground running. The knights began to rush after him. While making his escape he frantically bumps into Shrek. Due to Shrek's massive size, Donkey hides behind him in hope of intimidating the knights. When the knights reach Shrek and Donkey they are startled by Shrek's appearance. In fright all but one knight flees. Shrek stands up for Donkey and keeps the knight from taking him away, along with himself.
Beowulf vs. Shrek
I am the better hero! I am #1!
No no no, I have
been around a lot longer
than you. I am #1!
Protects his land
Rescues a princess
Noble birth
Seeks fame
Protects people
Kills monsters
Supernaturally strong
Live in a mythological time
They both go on a long journey
Sir Shrek, the greenest of all, was very sad because his land was about to be taken away by Lord Farquaad. In order to keep his magnificently, filthy swamp he must rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona from her dragon protected tower, and bring her back so Lord Farquaad could marry her. During this process Shrek faced many obstacles such as battling the fire-breathing dragon to get to the princess, being ambushed by Robin Hood and his merry men, and fighting off the knights when he realizes he loves Princess Fiona.
Prince Beowulf, strongest of all men, travels across the seas to defeat the monster who endangers the Danes. Being the courageous man he is, he defeated Grendel, the monster, only with his bare hands. With grief in her heart, Grendel's mother seeks vengeance for Grendel. Beowulf proudly accepts this challenge and they battle in her lake of hell. Beowulf defeats her by beheading her, with a magical sword forged by giants. Fifty years later a dragon threatens his land. With the help of Wiglaf they vanquish the dragon.
The People of the Danes lived in fear from an evil, monster Grendel. Beowulf, being the hero he is, came to the rescue. The town's people were fast asleep in Herot when Grendel came sneaking along for his next meal. As Grendel massacred the people in Herot,Beowulf comes without hesitation. In order to protect the people he challenges Grendel to a fair fight. He defeats Grendel by ripping off his and saving the Danes.
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