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13 Treasures

No description

c mahoney

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of 13 Treasures

13 Treasures Symbolism Characters Theme Setting Plot Dagger Halter Glamour Light Sword Book of Knowledge Key Goblet Platter Staff Cup Heart Cauldron Tanya is a curious, and good-hearted girl. She can see fairies and it gets her in trouble because no one else around her can see them so her mother for example, think she seeking attention. Tanya is a brave girl but she is hesitant to show it. She feels out of place and sort of like she's a freak because she thinks no one else can see fairies. She doesn't feel as if she has a true home. Fabian is a slightly insecure boy who Tanya finds annoying at first. As they try to solve the mystery of the missing girl Morweena, they get closer. Fabian is brave but differently from Tanya. He wants to help set things right for his grandfather, Amos, who was blamed for the disappearance of Morwenna because he was the last person to see her. He, unlike Tanya, can't see fairies. Red is an intrusive and mysterious girl with the second sight and a dreadful past. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was 12 or so and then she and her brother were put in foster care. On their last night there Red's brother James was taken by the fairies. Red tried to stop them but they burned her and escaped. Now she is determined to find a way to enter the fairy realm and get her brother back. She is brave, cunning, and clever. Morwenna Bloom started as a innocent girl who disappeared 50 years ago. Tanya and Fabian find out and try to save her. However they did not know that Morwennna was a sinister, resentful girl who wanted revenge on Tanya's grandmother Florence. They had been friends when they were young because they both had the second sight. They made a promise that they would go and live in the fairy realm but Florence backed out. Because of this she wanted to trap Tanya so that they could switch places and Morwenna would be free. She is a selfish, cruel, bitter, person who knows how to hold a grudge. Florence is Tanya's grandmother who hides her past and ability to see fairies to try to protect her. She used to be friends with Morwenna and knows she will do anything to get revenge and that is why she is so distant towards Tanya. Florence is cautious and protective even though her protection of Tanya fails. Warwick is the groundskeeper at Elvesdeen Manor and like Florence, tries to protect Tanya and his son Fabian. He is strong and firm about the rules set to keep the children safe. Being the son of Amos though, he gets a bad reputation from everyone else. He like his son can't see fairies. Most of this book takes place at Elvesdeen Manor, Tanya's grandmother's house that is basically in the middle of nowhere. It is an 18th century house and it is covered in ivy. The outside is not very well taken care of and is overwhelmed with weeds. The entrance is a cast iron gate with a gargoyle and the whole property is surrounded by Hangman's Wood. The inside is gloomy, damp, and musty with withered wallpaper. There are 2 floors with rooms either locked or large but scarcely decorated. Elvesdeen Manor is also home to many fairies such as drain dwellers who live in the plumbing and bathrooms and the ones living in the grandfather clock. I think the theme of this book is that looks can be deceiving. Tanya thought her grandmother hated her when she was really trying to protect her from a dangerous deal she made as a kid. Her grand mother also hid the fact that she has the second sight. Tanya and Fabian thought Morwenna Bloom was an innocent girl taken by the fairies but she turned out to be a cruel girl who wanted revenge on Tanya's grandmother Florence for breaking a promise. Also, upon their first meeting Tanya assumed Red was a thief hiding in the manor. She turned out to be a girl with the second sight desperate to find a way to enter the fairy realm and get her brother back. The fairies Raven and Gredin seemed to be trying to hurt her along with Feathercap, but they were really trying to do the opposite. In my opinion, one of the main pieces of symbolism is the compass Tanya gets from the Gypsy woman. instead of having the cardinal directions on it, the compass just has the letter H where north should be. Tanya later figures out the H stands for home. Whenever Tanya and Fabian would go into the woods, the arrow would always say 'home' was Elvesdeen Manor. Since no one else in her life can relate to her besides the people who live at the Manor, i think it symbolizes that Elvesdeen Manor is truly where her heart is and as they say "home is where the heart is". The other main symbolism is Tanya's charm bracelet. Here is what each charm represents. The halter is a ring that can make you invisible. Glamour is a mask of illusion used to fool onlookers. The light is a magic candelabrum that will never diminish. The sword will allow victory but never defeat. The Book of Knowledge will answer any question for the reader. The key will open any door, even to other worlds. The cauldron restores the dead to life. The heart is for courage. This is the cup of divination. The staff is for strength. The platter will remain full so the owner will never go hungry. The goblet gives eternal life to the drinker. The dagger drips blood to heal any wound. Tanya isn't what you'd call a 'normal' girl. She can see fairies even if no one else believes her. Her mother is among these people and tired of Tanya's 'attention seeking' she sends her off to Elvesdeen Manor for the summer. Tanya hates her grandmother Florence's house but while there she discovers the mystery of Morwenna Bloom a girl who disappeared 50 years ago. With the help of Fabian, the grounds keeper's son, they begin to unravel the truth to the tale. What they find is something sinister and hidden within the Florence's past and a certain girl's undying need for revenge. By Christine Mahoney H
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