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Chapter 10 - Extending Number Concepts and Number Systems

EED 305 Chapter Presentation

Kara Schumaker

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 10 - Extending Number Concepts and Number Systems

By: Kara Schumaker How to Represent Numbers in Many Forms. Regrouping and Place Value
Rounding and Estimation
Even and Odd Numbers
Prime and Composite Numbers
Number Types Regrouping & Place Value Field Experience - 1st Grade at Violet Elementary Main Topics So What does Chapter 10

talk about? Rounding and Estimation -Rounding: express info on a number without being very detailed. Estimatation Game Even and Odd Rules Mini Lesson Even and Odds Lower El. - students recognize even and odd numbers. Prime and Composite Numbers Factors, Divisors, and Multiples. Prime and Composite App Number Types Thank you for your attention! -Place Value: allows numbers to have different values in different numerical positions.

Ex- 3 in the ones
30 in the tens
300 in the hundreds - When working with larger numbers (like working with populations of countries or cities), it is important to group the numbers within periods by placing spaces or commas between the different groups.

Ex- 1 , 312 , 948 , 765
billions millions thousands hundreds Place Value Grouping- Counting the Days of School... Synopsis: Have the children assist the teacher in the carpet time while they have morning meeting. Chose a student to add 1 straw per day of school to track how many days. Place one straw in the ones cup, and then count with the students. Bundle as needed when reaching tens or hundreds. Materials: Straws, Rubber Bands, and cups. Grade Level: Kindergarten - Second Grade 1 10 6 Estimation- an educated or reasonable guess based on judgement and prior knowledge. Example: Q - How long is the movie?
A - About an hour and a half. Upper El. - The Rules of Even and Odd.
Addition Subtraction
Even + Even = Even Even - Even = Even
Odd + Odd = Even Odd - Odd = Even
Odd + Even = Odd Odd - Even = Odd Composite Numbers: numbers with several factors. Prime Numbers: numbers whose only factors are one and itself. Example: 4, 9, 15, 24 Example: 2, 3, 7, 11 Natural Numbers
Whole Numbers
Rational Numbers Positive Numbers (+)
Negative Numbers (-) Positive and Negative Number Mini Lesson Card Sort Here's what to do:

Each group of two will get a bag full of playing cards. Have the students sort through the cards placing them into two piles, an even and an odd. Once the students place them into piles, regroup with class and go over the even and odd numbers Grade Level: K-2 Materials: Bags of playing cards (Numers 2-9) Stack the Coins Pennies = Positive
Nickels = Negative Solve the Following equations using your
pennies and nickels:

10+ -2 =
3+-4= Materials: Sets of 10 Pennies and 10 Nickels Grade Level: 4-5 Grade Ninja Chicken - Tiny Chicken Learns Prime Numbers Math Story Book Title: Greater Estimations
Author: Bruce Goldstone
Grade Level: 3-5
Synapses: Estimates are not very accurate. A great estimate is close to the real number. Filled with fun, creative examples, this companion to Great Estimations will show you how to train your eyes and your mind to make really great estimations about length, volume, area, and much more. Works Cited Fun Game where students practice their estimation skills when adding and subtracting.

Go Have a Go at it:
http://www.mangahigh.com/en_us/games/iceicemaybe This game provides an engaging and addictive interface to help children identify prime and composite numbers.
The player is required to slash the composite numbers - but leave the prime numbers alone. According to the journal magazine, the iPad (tablets) is emerging as a tool that can greatly enhance educational technology." As application developers build more apps, the saying, "There is an app for that" is becoming apparently true." (The Journal) Explore either the android market place or iTunes to find applications that would fit the grade level you are working with. “Mrcollindodds- Colin Dodds- Number Types (Math Song)- Youtube.” YouTube – Broadcast Yourself Web. 12 Sept. 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m94WTZP14SA>.Goldstone, B. (2008). Greater Estimations. New York, NY: Henry Holt and Co. Ice Ice Maybe Estimation Game -<http://www.mangahigh.com/en_us/games/iceicemaybe > Levy, P. (2011, July 11). The journal. Retrieved from <http://thejournal.com/articles/2011/07/11/putting-the-ipad-to-work-in-elementary-classrooms.aspx>“MathRaps- The Rappin’ Mathematician: “The Number Line Dance- Youtube.” YouTube- Broadcast Yourself. 13 September 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EWq9EZmIKg>.“Rockin’ The Standards – Place Value Rap.- YouTube.” YouTube- Broadcast Yourself Web. 8 Sept. 2012 <http://www.youtube.com/rockinthestandards> .TaptoLearn Software. “ Ninja Chicken – Tiny Chicken learns Prime Numbers”. <http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ninja-chicken-tiny-chicken/id503807084?mt=8>“Teachertipster – Teacher Tipster (Odd and Even Song)- Youtube.” YouTube- Broadcast Yourself. 9 Sept. 2012 <http://www.youtube.com/user/teachertipster>.“teachingfreak- Rounding Rap- YouTube.” YouTube- Broadcast Yourself Web. 9 Sept. 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uEafe1r4GI>.Tipps, Steven, Art Johnson, and Leonard M. Kennedy. Guiding Children's Learning of Mathematics. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2011. Print.
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