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Maleficent Forest Prezi

No description

aaron bayle

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Maleficent Forest Prezi

SWOT Analysis
Demographics & Psychographics
Maleficent attracts an extensive age range as it relates to the younger demographic with its fairytale plot, and the older demographic with its celebrity cast and popular soundtrack.
Key Demographics
Children and adults
Male and female

Maleficent will draw in a variety of personalities as it appeals to many people who are Disney and fantasy-horror enthusiasts. These moviegoers enjoy special effects and grand theatrical drama.

Advertising Strategy
The advertising and promotional partnerships will create excitement for Maleficent and encourage interaction with our promotional program. The added value of the Maleficent brand will remind consumers of the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. This will entice consumers to pre-order the collectible, and ultimately increase sales of the DVD/Blu-ray discs.

Advertising Program
Marketing Objectives
Increase Sales
Through advertising and strategic partnerships, we will promote Maleficent to increase the sales of DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Market Share
Secure Maleficent’s position in the Top 10 for best selling DVD and Blu-ray discs for 2015.

General Awareness
In addition to traditional advertising tactics, we plan to increase general awareness for the DVD/Blu-ray Release through social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Advertising Program
Advertising Program
Advertising Program
Advertising Program
Advertising Program
Advertising Program
The Story Behind Maleficent
- Brand image and reputation
- Large fan base
- Reputable actors
- Blu-ray/DVD are popular entertainment

- Movie is too dark for young children
- Older demographics may assume this is a typical Disney movie targeted to children

- Due to the mature themes in the movie, the target audience is broader
- Release date is close to the holidays, which may lead to greater sales
- Ability to utilize the variety of resources to promote the DVD/Blu-ray release, including Disney theme parks, television channels and radio stations

- Pirating of movies
- The increase in popularity with online streaming
- Competing with other holiday gifts
- Other DVD/Blu-ray may be released around the same time

Subway Wraps

Bus Wraps

Print Advertisements

Partnership: MAC
Partnership: Vicks
Partnership: BLK Water
Partnership: Wrigley's
Social Media

For our online presence we have:
- Microsite for the DVD release
- Instagram
- Twitter
- Facebook
- YouTube

Social Media
Events: Red Cross
Blood Drive
Darkside Agency
Aaron Bayle
Sophia Gioiello
Kaitlyn Hedstrom
Matt Jordan
Lilian Nguyen

Package Consideration
Why Make a Change?
Point of Purchase
Collector's Edition
DVD & Blu-ray
$14.99- DVD
$24.99- Blu-ray/DVD combo
$99.99- Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD, Once Upon A Dream CD Single, Collectable Figure)

Digital Copy
$14.99- Standard Definition
$19.99- High Definition
Events: Anime Expo & Comic Con
TV Spot
Thank You
I want to make a change from my last job as a Social Media Marketing Associate to a more challenging role like the one offered at Disney and Heyzap because I want to branch out and expand my expertise from social media into all forms of marketing and advertising.
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