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Come to New Jersey

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 21 October 2017

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Transcript of Come to New Jersey

Come to Colonial New Jersey
Geography and Climate
Any Questions?
If you choose to settle in New Jersey, you can have religious freedom. Eight of the thirteen colonies have official churches and if you practice a non-Christian faith you may be persecuted. If you come here, you can practice whatever religion you like. You can be a Quaker, Jew, Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, and more. New Jersey is happy to have any religion.

Farming and trading are the two biggest parts of our economy. New Jersey is known as the breadbasket colony because we grow lots of wheat and other crops such as barley, oats, rice, and maize. We trade the wheat and other crops we grow with England and our neighboring colonies. One perk of being a trader in our colony is that the Delaware River runs right alongside our border so you can easily trade with people from other colonies. We also have our own money system. In 1709, we issued our first paper pound.
Our Founders
Our colony was founded by two friends,
Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret,
on June 24, 1664. Lord Berkeley and
Sir George were given the land by
James the Duke of York in England.
Lord Berkeley and Sir George named
New Jersey after the British island of Jersey,
where Sir George was born. Sir George and
Lord Berkeley promised settlers (like you)
representative government and freedom of

New Jersey offers many jobs to settlers. The most common job for men is farming. New Jersey has the perfect land for farming because our soil is very fertile. Farming is not the
only job New Jersey offers for
men. Men can also be fisherman, sailors, or shipbuilders because the colony is located near rivers and the ocean. Other jobs for men in New Jersey are merchants, exporters, blacksmiths, carpenters, ministers, and shoemakers. Women also have a very important role in New Jersey. They are responsible for taking care of family needs like cooking, cleaning, and sewing.
Our colony is bordered by the
colony of New York on the northeast,
the colony of Pennsylvania on the
west, and the Atlantic Ocean on the
east. There are lots of mountains in
the northeast part of our colony,
where the land is rocky and ridged.
In other areas of New Jersey, the
land is rich and fertile. We also have
warm summers and mild winters
which is the perfect climate for

The great leaders of our colony agree that
education is very important. Most schools
in New Jersey are private and are run
by local religious groups. All boys in
New Jersey will learn a skill or trade.
Depending on their social class, boys may
also be able to study history, mathematics,
literature, natural science, and classical
languages so they can go to colleges.
Most girls in New Jersey will not
be able to attend school unless they are
Quakers. Girls who are not Quakers, will
be tutored by their mothers in social and
household skills.

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