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practice 2

No description

Vander Carter

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of practice 2

"Get With The Programming."
the {c}0dEd
Month One
Introduction to the DOM, HTML vs. HTML5, CSS vs. CSS3, Responsive Web Applications, Javascript and jQuery
Week One
Using Facebook's Javascript API to get and display users' Facebook data using “Connect w/Facebook” login
Basics of creating a responsive website for Desktop and Mobile using HTML and CSS
Week Two
Week Three
Using jQuery and jQuery UI to do amazing things like drag-and-drop, calendars, collapsible menu bars, sliders, and more.
Using Bootstrap to make any website look stunning
Week Four
Class project to build the front-end portion of a responsive website for a client
Week One
Introduction to PHP, Python, and Ruby
Creating a simple registration page and saving registration information to a database
Month Two
Week Two
MYSQL for SELECTing, UPDATing, and INSERTing records
Creating a simple log-in page and a session for your user
Week Three
Sessions, cookies, and hacking
Review of PHP, Python, Ruby and MYSQL basics
Week Four
Class project to connect the login and registration pages to our Month 1 project using
Using jQueryMobile and Phonegap to create stunning mobile applications that take advantage of native phone features like geolocation, the compass, the camera, the file system, the contact directory, the accelerometer, and more.
Week One
The Basics of Game Design and Object-Oriented Programming
How to make a simple 2-player game for the web
Week Two
Using 3rd Party APIs like Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter
OAuth and logging in a user with Facebook or Twitter
Week Three
Week Four
Class project to create a simple, social mobile application
Holiday Break
Week One
Introduction to Git and Version Control
Introduction to Agile Development and App Development Management
Using Git and the Agile Development process to create a mobile game
Month Three
Month Four
Week Two
Course Timeline
{the end}
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