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We Shall Harness the Wind

A prezi for the Buildings and Grounds Committee to seek approval for the construction of a wind turbine on campus.

Allana Rumble

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of We Shall Harness the Wind

We Shall harness the wind WHO?
William Kamkwamba

Wind Aid
FDR Teachers
FDR Parents (PTA)
FDR Students
December 2010 The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is chosen for One Book One Continent to kick start the October 2011 GIN Conference. Ms. Rumble and Ms. Reed are inspired.
December 2010 to February 2011 correspondence with WindAid occurs to discuss a project at FDR
March 8th 2011 PTA Executive Board Approves $4500 Funding Request.
March 10th 2011 Mr. Jones approached for approval.
Mid-March WindAid site inspection confirms Media Center as ideal location for turbine site.
Week of April 12-18th 2011 WINDAID engineers facilitate student inquiry based learning.
April 18th project is halted.
April 20th students construct the display model now located in front of library.
Week of May 23rd tentatively scheduled for WINDAID engineers to return and aid students in construction of final project. WHEN WHAT?
A 9m tall,
2 kW wind turbine student-led project
in cooperation with Peruvian based "Wind Aid"
"Producing currents of electricityand hope"
While reducing our carbon footprint and
Educating our students. http://www.leventhorpe.net/windturbine.htm Wind Aid Wind turbine Leventhorpe School Wind Turbine http://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2008-10-14-schoolsinside_N.htm The "Wind for Schools" Program in the US has supported 80 wind turbines built at Schools across America. http://www.windpoweringamerica.gov/schools_wfs_project.asp http://education.guardian.co.uk/pictures/image/0,8553,-10705312189,00.html WHERE? FDR Student explains the project basics. FDR student Evaulates Sites Site 1: Media Center Roof Site 2: Garden Roof

WHY? 25 wind turbines have been succesfully built at schools in the UK. FDR Has an opportunity to be the first school in Peru to build a wind turbine on campus. Two other local schools are already interested in following our lead. http://www.inventafrica.co.za/Videoplayer/TabId/3118/VideoId/18/12-Green-Wind-Turbine-Powers-Two-Schools-In-Cape-Town.aspx Wind turbines are up in at least a dozen schools in South Africa and more are planned.... "Peru is expected to be the third-worst affected country by climate change." http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/the-desert-city-in-serious-danger-of-running-dry-2248943.html http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=climate-change-disease-peru Because it's too important not to.
You have an opportunity to empower FDR students to believe that not only is change possible, but that they can be the initiators of that change.
You can use this opportunity to teach FDR students that change is not possible and that despite thier best efforts there will always be someone else with more power and a different idea. Why try at all? lack of availability of water for drinking, agriculture, industry, energy production
impact of fisheries through increased El Nino
Spread of tropical disease The Essentials 9 Meter Tall, 2KW Wind Turbine
Inspired by One Book One Continent and upcoming GIN conference
PTA funded the project $4500
WINDAID donated final costs $5000
WINDAID engineers and FDR students determined most efficient site Background Info Media Center Rooftop Advantages Close proximity to energy consumption (greater efficiency).
Increased height = increased laminar wind = increased energy production.
High visibility of educational/inspirational model for community.
May easily be moved at a later date if needed (only 4 bolts attached to roof).
Central location to provide equal access/inspiration for all FDR students. Media Center Rooftop Advantages Continued Sufficient room for support guidelines.
Structural support column already in place: will be used as turbine base.
Staircase already in place for easy access.
Consulted FDR’s Architect – two story limit for buildings this policy not applicable to the WIND Turbine.
Similar project with wind turbine placed on roof succesfully implemented elsewhere in Peru already.
Temporary/Semi - Permanent Structure – Could be removed in one day.
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