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Talaud Bear Cuscus

No description

ethan ramos

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Talaud Bear Cuscus

Talaud Bear Cuscus
By, Eybar Ayala and Ethan Ramos
Refers to all forms of life in the world or in a particular area and is important because it promotes ecosystem productivity where each species occupy an area and all play an
Background Information
Physical Characteristics:
Thick woolly ash hair, yellow-rimmed olive-green eyes, bright yellow nose, inconspicuous ears, long
Background Information
Behavioral Characteristics:
When alarmed, they send a powerful and penetrating smell. They are noctornal and this allows them to move during the night. Usually found in pairs
Background Information
Gestational Period/Reproductive Information:
- Monogomous= producing a single young at a time and one mate during breeding season
- Infant born poorly developed but, largely
Background Information
Gestational Period/Repoductive Information and Predators/Prey:
Young grow quickly and gestation is very short. Predators are human hunting, logging and agriculture, and
Evidence For Concern

Action Plan
- Create and organize a law that would protect this species by restricting lands or areas that this species inhabits
- Salibabu Island in the Talaud Islands in Indonesia and cover
Action Plan
- Hire people, split into teams to help organize and patrol areas, paid 30,000/year
- Have specific shifts/Start when the government will pass the law and enforce it in the area nation wide and
Action Plan
- If the government passed a law that protected the Talaud Bear Cuscus species nation wide, then the Talaud Bear Cuscus population will grow exponentially and increase
- Create a law, bring it to the
Action Plan
- Restrict areas where species inhabits, patrol and help organize species, and support the species with resources
- Data will be collected with population of species by
Action Plan Campaign
- Target audience is the whole world
- Be the guardian angel of the critically endangered Talaud Bear Cuscus
- Media = worldwide web
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