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Untitled Prezi

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Sofia Palese

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

social network
what I eat
what I would
like to taste
other foods
free time
I like social networks.
My favourite social network is facebook
because it is very famous
and a lot of peaple use it.
I think than facebook is very useful
My favourit food is pizza, my mum makes pizza
every saturday. I think that pizza is a
healty food because
it's like bread with
thomatoes and cheese
I think I eat healthy food because I often eat fruit
and I sometimes eat vegetables. My favorite vegetable is tomato and my favourite fruit is banana.
I was born in Bologna. I like bologna because it
has a lot of shops. I haven't a favourite chity in the world, but I like Miami, London, Chicago, Barcellona and Tunisi. I would like to live in Africa fot three or four months. When I am 20 years old I am probably going to live in America for one or two years
I would like
to taste fish and chips.
I would never eat cockroaches,
that are a typic food
of India, Cina...
Unfortunately I like chips
and ice cream,
but these are unhealthy foods.
I really don't like peas
production by Palese Sofia
In my free time
I like playing basketball.
Reading books, going out
with my friends, listening music,
drawing and surfing on the net.
I sometimes playing the guitar.
I never playing football.
my hero
Magic Johnson was born in Lasing (Michigan,
America), he is 54 years old. He is a basketball player. He played in Los Angeles Lakers, he was in ''DREAM TEAM'', and he winned an olimpyad. I have his
basketball jeresey's
number: 32
my favoyrite
object my basketball.
I hold it when I am in my home, I play with it.
I use it also when I go to play basket with my team, I love it
I would like an
i-pod touch.
I have a
normal i-pod,
but I want an
i-pod 5, with wifi and big touch screen
The main enviromental problem
in my area is pollution.
In Bologna there are a lot of cars which release carbon dioxide. It is very dangerous for the environment because it damages the atmosphere.
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