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Sam Bartrom

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Pele


Pele is a person that we all should look up to, even if you do not like soccer. We all should learn about him and make our characteristics more like his. Most people know that Pele was the greatest soccer player in the world, but what some people do not know is where he came from,what he did, and what he is doing today.
What He Accomplished
At age eleven, Pele made a soccer club called the September Seventh Club, named after his street. All the kids in the town where Pele lived were poor, so for a soccer ball they used a big sock stuffed with newspaper. They used any big space available for their field. They got so good they decide to enter into a tournament. At the tournament, their was a man by the name of Waldemar de Brito. Brito, a Brazilian soccer star, who saw Pele play and score and score. Pele's team won the tournament. He scouted Pele and started to train him in secret. He signed Pele up for a junior club where Pele played for three years. At age fifteen, Pele was brought to Santos, a prfessional club, by Brito to try out. Brito told Santos that he would be the best soccer player in the world. In his debut game, Pele scored in the second half. He was accepted by Santos and started the next season. Pele scored so many for Santos he was the league's leading scorer for the year. At age 17, Pele was asked to represent his country in the 1952 World Cup. That year Pele went on to win his first World Cup for Brazil. In Pele's entire career he scored 1281 goals in 1363 appearances. He scored 77 goals for Brazil in 92 appearances and has the record for leading scoreer for his country. He won three out of the four World Cups that he played in, 2 Copa Libertadores, and six Brazilian League Titles. He has the record for youngest person to win a World Cup and the record for youngest goal scorer in a World Cup. and has 29 other records/ honors.
What He Is Doing Today
In 1995, he was asked to be the minister of sports in Brazil. He helps to improve the lives of soccer kids in Brazil; he still holds that position today. He also helped to write the Pele Law in 1998 which says you cannot be stuck to your soccer club for life. Pele has also started his own company called Pele Coffee. He sponsors many companies including Subway, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, MasterCard, McDonalds, and more. He is a proud supprter of the company UNICEF which helps children all around the world. He also helped start a hosptial for deaf children in Brazil. This hospital helps the deaf to try and discover ways to get around their disease and find jobs. He starred in a WW II film called
. In 1961, President Quadros, of Brazi, declared Pele a national treasure. He was awarded an honarary knight of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997. Best of all, he was awarded athlete of the century by I.O.C.
Fun Facts!!!
1. Pele got his nickname, Pele, from a classmate in fourth grade. After the kid called him Pele, Pele punched him in the face, and that is when he was expelled from school.
2. Pele stopped a war in Nigeria for 48 hours because the troops wanted to see him play.
Where He Came From
Pele was born on October 23, 1940 in the little town of Tres Coracoes, Brazil. His parents were Joao Ramos and Celeste de Nascimento. Pele's given name was Edson Arantes de Nascimento. He was named after Thomas Edison because electricity had came to their city a year before. Pele's dad's nickname was Dondhino. Dondhino had the potential to be like Pele until the time when he was trying out for a professional team he had a life-changing knee injury. It was then that Dondhino had to play for a bad, non-pro soccer team. His dad chose to go to Bauru Athletic Club to play because they promised him a job when he was done playing. Because of this, Pele was very poor growing up, and was always fretting the day he might lose his parents. Pele's mom didn't want Pele to play because she did not want him to go through the pain his father did. Pele got his first job when he was seven or eight. He was a shoe shiner. He made pennies a day, and finally saved up enough for a new pair of shoes. But, shortly after he ruined them playing soccer. Pele stopped going to school when he was expelled for punching a kid in the face.
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