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The Dark Knight: Why So Serious? ARG

No description

Samantha Weiner

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of The Dark Knight: Why So Serious? ARG

Why So Serious? Dark Knight Why So Serious? Created by 42 Entertainment
Launched a full 18 months before release of The Dark Knight
360 alternate reality experience
Centered on the web
branched out to make players feel like they were citizens of Gotham City Players Fueled the rise of the joker
Campaigned for Harvey Dent
Became Batman copycats by taking the law into their own hands Touch Points Real world events
Narratives by actors from The Dark Knight
Print large scale projections
Specialty items
User generated content
Live streaming audio
Scavenger hunts
Online games Bringing Gotham City to Life Reached out to both comic book fans and moviegoers
Gave them the chance to explore the characters, as well as the theme of The Dark Knight The Joker A madman in clown make up who starts to disturb the town of Gotham City
Players are taunted by offbeat online activities, scavenger hunts, and wild goose chases
The Joker uses these players and then discards them Over 10 million participants in over 75 countries! Harvey Dent District Attorney
Participants follow and help Dent as he tries to take back Gotham City
Participants traveled to 33 cities and campaigned for Harvey Dent
People could register to vote in Gotham City
An election was held in June Batman Hero of Gotham City
Participants all over the world banned together to show their support for Gotham City's Dark Knight Website Homepage Advertisements Harvey Dent Campaign Website Newspaper Gotham City News http://whysoserious.com/ Phone calls were made
to people Emails were sent out Just to get people's support
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