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Aztec and Spanish Interaction

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Gabriel Poon

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Aztec and Spanish Interaction

Aztec and Spanish Interaction Comparison Between The Spanish Empire and The Aztec Empire The Spanish Empire The Spanish Empire establish a large empire to compete with Portugal building a national unity: exploring and discovering new land, a national mission. increase colonization and gain wealth from
any new conquered land. converting non-Christians in other lands to
Roman Catholicism When Cortes landed on the coast of Veracruz on the Gulf Coast
of Mexico in 1519, it was new world with a never-before-seen
civilization. Take it for Span's glory. The Aztec Empire By the end of the 15th century, the Aztec had conquered most of Meso-America and created a unified civilization. The Aztec rulers built the most powerful civilization known in Meso-America and contiued to
*exoand the empire for the glory of their god Huitzilopochtil
*recieve payments of generous tribute and taxes
*profit from trade and marketing throughout the empire
*take captives to be sacrificed to their gods The Aztec saw Europeans for the first time when Cortes and his conquistadors landed on the coast of the empire in 1519 The Aztec meet the Spanish Moctezuma and Aztec believed that
Cortes was the returning Quetzcoatl, but
Moctezuma was unsure because Cortes didn't eat the given food. one of the messengers told Moctezuma about the appearance of the Spanish like boats, guns, cannons, armour and horses: a ball of stone comes out of its entrails, shooting sparks and raining fire... it shatters the tree into splinters. They dress in iron and wear iron casques on their heads. In 1519, the Spanish had allies with Tlazcalans and Cholulas. Cortes and Moctezuma meet each other on November 8, 1519 in peace.
After the conversation, the two men decided to be friends. Cortes and his Spanish men were treated royally with a palace made from Moctezuma and his servants. Moctezuma also toured them around Tenochtitlan; they were amazed and astounded of marketplaces, palaces and temples. Cortes knew that one word from Moctezuma to his royal
warriors and they would kill him. A week later Cortes took Moctezuma hostage in Cortes' palace. Cortes replaced every Aztec idols with statues of Roman Catholic Saints. Aztec considered Moctezuma to be weak and let him stay hostage. Battles of Aztec and Spanish Cortes recieveda message that Velazquez, the Spanish governor of Cuba, had sent men to arrest him for disobeying his orders. Veracruz and Cortes had to leave, Tenochtitlan tired to stop him by leaving Pedro de Alvarado in charge. During celebration honouring the God, Huitzilopochtil. The soilders began killing them in many ways:
They cut off their arms, heads, stabbing them, spearing them and slashing their intestines. The Aztec fought so ferociously that the Spanish had
to retreat to Cortes palace; any peaceful agreement
between Spanish and Aztec was gone. Noche Triste: Cortes and the Tlazcalans defeated the
Spanish attempting to arrest them. Cortes got the trapped men and ordered Moctezuma to persuade the
people of letting Cortes come in peace. The Aztecs stoned Moctezuma and he died a few days later... Cortes and his men tried to escape Tenochtitlan but the Aztec attacked them from the causeways. About 700 Spanish and 2000-3000 Tlazcalans were killed. An Unforeseen Enemy Cortes, the conquistadors, and the Tlaxcalan allies retreated to Tlaxcala for about five months to recover from their wounds. Meanwhile, the Aztec began dying from samllpox that had been brought by the Spanish to the New World. The disease had existed in Europe for hundreds of years and Europeans had developed some immunity to it. Many Europeans carried the smallpox virus in their bodies, but did not suffer from it. The Aztec were newly exposed to the disease, and their bodies had no time to build any resistance to it. The Final Battle Cortes with his allies defeated the sick Aztec population for 75 days. aztec surrendered on August 13, 1521 in 1522, Cortes became governor of New Spain.
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