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Let's Play

No description

Danny Johnson

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Let's Play

Let's Play
Let's Play is a pretty successful YouTube channel that stemmed off from the even more popular channel, Roosterteeth. It was formerly, and still is, known as Achievement Hunter, which started with two guys, Jack and Geoff, but now has six guys in the office.
Geoff Ramsey
Geoff Ramsey worked at Roosterteeth long before Acievment Hunter was founded, with him and Jack being the founders. They founded Achievement Hunter in 2006 when they realised there was no community-based achievements website. They started by making Achievement and Easter Egg guides, they then went on to make a Forced enjoyment series, were they make each other play bad games. After such a success and being a main part of the Roosterteeth YouTube channel, they then formed there own channel in 2013 called Let's Play, which currently has 2.1 million subscribers.
Michael 'Rage Quit' Jones
Michael was noticed by Roosterteeth when he started making videos on his own channel, LTMkilla, these videos were of him playing really hard games and cursing and getting maabout their difficulty, these videos are called 'Rage Quit'. Michael joined forces with Gavin in a Minecraft Let's Play to form Team Nice Dynamite and have been shipped on Tumblr ever since.
Gavin Free
Gavin Free was highly assosciated with Roosterteeth long before he became an employee. He did a lot of work in the Roosterteeth community and even sponsored the website for exclusive content. He then started gaming with Geoff on Halo 2, then eventually was offered a job, and a place to live, by Geoff. Since Gavin's hiring, he has been known as the company idiot, displayed in the video to the side, he since then has introduced everyone at Achievement Hunter to English slang. He, Ray and Michael all formed the formidable Team Lads and they compete against Team Gents, which is Geoff, Jack and Ryan. Gavin lives with Geoff still to this day and they prep for the Minecraft Let's Plays in a series of videos called Let's Build in Minecraft.
Jack Patillo
Jack Patillo is the co-founder of Achivement Hunter along with Geoff. Jack met one of the foundere of Roosterteeth, Burnie Burns, in a game of poker, they went back and forth through E-mail and then Jack was eventually offered a job. He has an obsession with playing as female characters in video games and building stairs for no reason in Minecraft. He is usually made fun of because of his deep voice, mostly by Michael, and his love of food.
James 'Ryan' Haywood
Ryan was a computer technician before working at Roosterteeth. The way Ryan got his job at Achievement Hunter was pretty unique, he found the job on craigslist.com and had to drive down to Texas three times for three different interviews with the company. Since Ryan's first Let's Play (Mari0), he has developed the character of 'The Mad King' at Achievement Hunter, and has a reputation as Ryan the creepy guy. The reason this started was because, in Minecraft, he put a cow in a hole in his house.
Ray Narvaez Jr.
Ray was first known in the Roosterteeth community by Michael, he was working at Gamestop before Michael got the job, Ray then got into contact with Geoff, he recognised that Ray had the second highest gamerscore in the world. When Ray was let go from Gamestop he got back into contact with Geoff and eventually moved from New York to Austin and became a full time Achievement Hunter. Ray is usually recognised as the funniest guy at Achievement Hunter and even has a YouTube dedication video called The Raytage. There is also a running joke about Ray and him severely disliking cake, as displayed in the video next to this panel.
The R and R connection
Team Nice Dynamite
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