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Zoe Granzin

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Volleyball

Who started it
The Game of Volleyball
Influential people
what's happening on the court
What to practice
where are some places to go to camp
What you need to succeed
Did you know that...
Have you seen...
Who started it
The game of volleyball
Influential people
Why and When
where did they start
What did they use
William George Morgan invented Volleyball on February 9, 1895. At first he called it "Mintonette". Then he decided to rename it to volleyball, because you had to "volley" the "ball" back and forth.
William G. Morgan
William was 25 years old when he invented Volleyball
Pursued a career in Physical Education in 1892
He met James Naismith, who invented basketball
William became influenced and decided to invent the game of "Mintonette" or volleyball in 1895.
James Naismith is the inventor of basketball
The apparel in 1895
While working at the YMCA, in Holyoke Morgan saw the game of basketball. He noticed that some of the kids playing basketball didn't have a very good ability to play. So he thought of a game where everybody could play, not involving the athletic ability.
The YMCA in 1895
Google images
Google Images
Minonette was the original name for volleyball.
James Naismith & William Morgan
The first game played was in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Morgan started with other balls other than a volleyball
The first volleyball they used
Same clothing
They used the same thing we use now
The first World Championships were held in 1949 for men and 1952 for women.
Serving the volleyball.
Arkansas playing volleyball
World Champs in 50s & 60s
Different types of balls used for volleyball
On the court, there are 6 players, 3 in the front and 3 in the back. The positions are setting, spiking, bumping and serving. Both the setters are opposite of each other. When our team is receiving, the back setter comes up behind the girl in front of them. The server is in the back outside of the boundary line. When she serves, she runs up to her spot. There is usually a libero which is one of the best players. They wear a different color of jersey than the others.
Practicing every spot helps in the game
Girls praying
Google Images
positions on the court
Saying a prayer before the game helps build confidence
practice setting against the wall
When you practice how you play, you play better
Setting the volleyball against the wall helps during the game
Arkansas spiking a volleyball
Wall bumping the volleyball
The libero is not allowed to serve, block or hit.
Volleyball is 3rd most popular sport in high school. From 2004 to 2008, the boys' volleyball rose more than 15%. You can play volleyball in the spring, fall, and even summer! There were 109 schools in the NCAA Division at the same time. Also, there are organizations that have volleyball such as the YMCA.

Google Images
Sandy Martin played volleyball for the University of Arkansas. There, she is the fifth-leading blocker.

Vale Savege was one a well-know referee. She was the first to referee an international volleyball game in 1981.
Erminia Russo Thorpe is the most accomplished and excellent volleyball players in Canada. She is also the three-time Canada West All-Star and All-Canadian with the University of British Columbia.
Volleyball was first introduced to the Olympics in 1964
Nalbert Bitencourt is now playing as a Brazilian professional volleyball player. He played as a passer-attacker and won a world cup.
A total of 121 men and women from 21 countries have been inducted to the Hall of Fame
Rita Crockett was selected in the Olympics in 1980. She also won the most valuable player in 1987.
The volleyball Hall of Fame is in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
Volleyball camps help you notice the skills you need more help with.
Some of the places you can sign up for volleyball camp is, Arkansas, Montana and Oregon.
Oregon working on setting during camp
Most of the good volleyball coaches have had years of experience. Also, they help you find you weaknesses and teach you to improve from them. You need to learn skills such as, dedication, sportsmanship, and teamwork.
Michelle Robinson improving on her tip.
Arkansas doing teamwork by helping each other block
google images
The harder you work, the luckier you get
Rank in High School level
Drills help players understand the importants of practicing and helps the to work in places they need work on
In order to serve the ball good, you have to square your body, keep eye contact and hit the ball with the heal of your hand.
Gustavo Endres is the best blocker
Gustavo Endres
Google images
Did you know that when you are spiking the ball, you have more time than you think. Also, when you set, be sure to go back to a hitter that made a mistake. Always forget the last play and move on, it makes you play better.
Holly McPeak plays beach volleyball
Holly McPeak is retired from beach volleyball.. Being a three-time Olympian she has $1.4 million USD in career earnings
Lloy Ball competing in volleyball
Most influential people are olympic medalists
Kerri Walsh autographing
Kate Sommers prepares for bump during the WSU volleyball
Coaches are making you stronger by doing crossfit
Most influential people have been MVP for more than once
Misty May Olympic medalist
Misty May is holding the world record for the most consecutive game wins
In volleyball, you don't get injured as much as other sports
The first volleyball net was use for tennis
In 1995 volleyball was 100 years old
In over 60 countries, 50 million people play volleyball
The popularity of volleyball
The professional volleyball player's job is to keep us interested in the game
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