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Bernal Diaz

Peace With Tlascala: Emasies From Mexico.

Devin Heller

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Bernal Diaz

Peace With Tlascala:
Emasies from Mexico
Conquistadors Conqure the Tlascalans
Montezuma wants the conquistadors to come to the great Mexico
He sent gifts in order to lure the Conquistadors to come to mexico. Montezuma changed his mind and asked the Cortes not come to Mexico This is because Mexico was nasty But Cortes did want to show off the harm that he did to the Tlascalians While Cortes was showing the damage to Montzuma Xicotenga makes an apearence Xicotenga was also asking for forgivness and friendship for the Conquistadors were invincible!
One Problem Xicotenga and montezuma were enemies... Cortes agreed to forgive the Tlascalians and Xictenga The Tlascians wanted to live with Cortes' army Cortes first had to see if
the fogivness was true
The want for a treaty was seeming genuine, but the Mexicans asked Cortes to wait six days before deciding. At this point the Mexicans and the Tlascians were fighting over the protection of Cortes and the Conquistadors. Cortes later choses to follow the Tlascians and their offers The Conquistadors begin their march to the capitol of Tlascala Cortez asked the Tlascalians if they would be willing to give up their worship of wackie gods and rituals. And worship Lord Jesus Christ. The Tlascalians replied that they will be willing in due time because it would be hard for them to switch just like that... Cortez askes the Tlascalians about the state of Mexico and their army Cortez learns that the mexicans have a very powerfull army and have conqured the Tlascalians many times.... ... And that Montezuma builds his army in a city called Cholula The Tlascalians were explaining different tactics to attacking the Mexicans but oddly enough Cortes decided to change the subject Cortes asked the Tlascalians about their heritage.... The Tlascalians said that they had a diety that said that they would have men like Cortes's come and conqure them... The Tlascalians told the Conquistadors about something that was near.... A A Volcano!!!! A volcanoe A Volcano!!!! What was it? A Volcano!! One of Cortes' companions, Ordaz, Climbed the volcano and reported to Cortes. Every one in Cortes' civilization was astonished... Back to the actual story.... Some of the Conquistadors thought it would be a good idea to attack Montezuma and the Mexicans because of their wealth and prosperity. Others disagreed with this idea because of how little Cortes' army was... Right after the decision to attack Montezuma came about, four of his men showed up with gifts asking if Cortes would come see their city... The Conquistadors eventually decide to go to Mexico to try and make friends... The Tlascalians offered to send 10,000 warriors with Cortes just in case... Cortes declined the offer because he was going to make friends and not enemies The End :)
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